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Harnessing the Energy of Nature: Themes for Future Use - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Natural energy is the energy produced by Mother Nature and currently has a little below 20% of the world market. Natural energy can also be referred…
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Harnessing the Energy of Nature: Themes for Future Use
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Download file to see previous pages et as a consequence of mankind’s noticeable feasting, the ever rocketing levels of fossil fuels we consume each and every day contributes to environmental or climate change, air and environmental pollution. The planet’s signals are already there with the associated effects of global warming, the ever increasing levels of natural disasters, to mention but a few.
A home powered by solar energy can be consumer friendly in the world market. As the popularity of solar power continues to spread, in the long run, the money invested to enhance its energy effectiveness will most likely pay off. It will save money on energy costs for the time of your mortgage loan, and also be a powerful bargaining point when it is time to put your building on the market, this is because more home buyers look for eco-friendly equipment’s in their houses.
 The sun should continue shining. Power got from the sun, either active or passive, It money and energy. Passive solar systems rely heavily on the customized design to make the best use of light produced during the day by the sun for heating and lighting people’s homes. Active solar systems rely heavily on the multiple panels designed to capture and store the energy of the sun to deliver power during the day and night.
Geothermal energy can be seen as being free. Being close to a source of low- to moderate-temperature water, it is easy to tap that source to supply heating for the home. This depends on the temperature of the water source. It should be in the range of twenty degrees Celsius to one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius, and it produce heat for the home.
Capture the breeze for energy generation. Windmills provide energy to pump water and grind grain, and this has been happening for years now. Just a small-scale wind energy system harnesses the energy provided using the wind to produce electricity for a home.
Geothermal energy can be a way to save money. Homeowners who embrace and install geothermal energy in their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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