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The paper "Environmental Strategies in Organizing an International Event" highlights that inclusion sustainability is a management competence intended from the incorporation of liable business practices with a culture of morals and ethics that steer the organization and its talent (Zineldin, 12)…
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Environmental Strategies in Organizing an International Event
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Meetings and other events are a standard business practice across the globe. They provide a forum of thinking and sharing ideas consequently finding solutions. It is vital for sustainable event management to be considered in such events. Sustainable event management refers to the process of designing and organising an event in line with the sustainable development principles (Reveliotis, 23). This is intended to achieve goals, which serve the environmental, economic and social interests of organisers and host communities. It is imperative to note that, sustainable events bring positive impacts on the local and the global community, through miscellany and inclusivity (Masterman, 24).
This paper intends to examine environmental strategies in organizing an international event. Essentially, the organisers should consider the components of products used in the event. It is imperative to deliver products with an improved environmental profile. This will reduce the environmental impact on the ecosystem components and their functions (Jones, 14). These products should delight the consumers without any tradeoffs in performance.
Another strategy should reflect on improving the environmental profile of operations. It is vital for the overall environmental performance of supply chain and logistics of finished products to be improved such to attain the global environmental sustainability standards. For instance, suppliers should be encouraged to use non-pollutant packing materials. Additionally, local contractors should be encouraged to supply the products such that, the product miles or distance can be reduced (Bhe, 12).
It is vital to consider and implement low –emission strategy intended to have transport and mobility means emit less toxic materials to the environment. The transport and logistics strategy should ensure local contractors should embrace carbon-free transport means such as electric cars. This will reduce the emission of gases and other materials to the environment. Further, more, the materials used during the events should uphold the principles of reuse and recycling (Yeoman, 13).
It is noteworthy that, this strategy should encourage the use of public transport to and from the event to reduce the number of private cars used consequently reduction of emission of smoke and gases to the environment. Water and energy efficiency is a fundamental strategy that will see effective utilisation of water and energy (Zineldin, 14).
The social sustainability strategies include,
Fair use of human resource to avoid exploitation and unnecessary congestion
Healthy and safe workplace and meeting point to ensure the safety and health conditions of the participants (Zineldin, 13).
Ensure compliance of international standards of human rights and gender parity. This enhances the bridging of the social gap between people of low and high classes and men and women (Zineldin, 13). Read More
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