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Tabletop Exercise - Essay Example

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The purpose of Tornado- Evacuation 2012 TTX is to improve the capability of Oklahoma City, educational institutions, private sector entities and non-governmental organizations to respond effectively to a catastrophic weather event such as a tornado that stains private and public agencies’ operating capacity in Oklahoma. …
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Tabletop Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages On 3rd May 1999, a series of tornadoes struck Oklahoma City, which are some of the most expensive in the history of the United States. They caused a damage of more than 1 billion dollars and destroyed more than 2500 structures. In less than 21 hours, a total of 21 tornadoes, swept though the states of Kansas and Oklahoma. There were as many as four tornadoes at one point reported on the ground simultaneously. The strongest and most destructive tornado was rated on the Fujita tornado scale as having a maximum F-5 and tracked for about one and a half hours through southern Oklahoma City from Chickasha and the neighborhoods of Newcastle, Bridge Creek, Del City, Midwest City, and Moore.
There are various drills that should be adhered to in case a tornado strikes. However, there is need for the development of a policy on the appropriate standard procedure to be applied at local educational facilities in the vent of such a disaster. There is need for members of the administration of these institutions to be aware of their roles during tornadoes and similar disasters as they are not fully aware, and their skills have not been enhanced to handle such situations.
This table top exercise experiment will offer an opportunity to members of the university of Oklahoma college administration and a group of students to learn the launching and use of incidence command system. The exercise should further identify the improvements and preparedness the institution needs, and provide a contribution to the emergency operation plans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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