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Air pollution involves change of a habitat by introduction of chemicals or other materials that cause discomfort and diseases to living things. The atmosphere has a complex gaseous system meant to support life to both human beings…
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Question: Is Waste Management Sustainable in the US? Hypothesis: Waste Management is sustainable in the US Poor waste management can lead to air pollution. Air pollution involves change of a habitat by introduction of chemicals or other materials that cause discomfort and diseases to living things. The atmosphere has a complex gaseous system meant to support life to both human beings and plants. Destruction of the same means threat to life, and destruction of an ecosystem that supports life. Industrialization is a major pollutant to air and it occurs in two levels. First, primary pollutants that are emitted directly to the atmosphere for example the exhaust from motor vehicles. Secondly, secondary pollutants that from the combination of several gases in the atmosphere to form compounds.
To test this hypothesis, researchers need to delve into the history and collect information with industrialization as the focus. Undeniably, industrialization has contributed to air pollution through various ways. This research is not observatory in nature but involves the researcher’s opinion supported by other researchers who have participated in the same research before. For instance, compared to the past decade, statistics reveal a rise in growth in industrialization (“World resources Institute,” n.d). Therefore, a researcher has to check all developments that go with increased industrialization. There is increased use of energy to process and increased use of automobiles to carry processed products. This means that researchers have to evaluate the type of energy used by industries and their effects on air. Additionally, the researcher will evaluate the effects automobiles have in the atmosphere. For example, automobile in America life and society offers information on the effects automobiles have to the environment in the history of America. Finally, the researcher will make a conclusion based on the management of industrial emissions to support sustainability.
“World Resources Institute,” (n.d). Industrialization, Retrieved from Read More
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Just Answer a Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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