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This is due to overfishing, which emanates from the numerous commercial and other fishing fleets evident in the global oceans. According to scientists’ studies, the…
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Resource Plan Public Service Announcement
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Water Resource Plan Declining Fish Stock Option Problem: Declining Fish Stock video (VLR) irrefutably exposes the utter deprivation of the current oceans giant fish. This is due to overfishing, which emanates from the numerous commercial and other fishing fleets evident in the global oceans. According to scientists’ studies, the exercise has become a threat even to the remaining population owing to non-selective removal of both the large and small fish from the oceans (Recharte, Bowler & Bodmer, 2008). Besides, fishing fleets have stripped oceans approximately 90% of the giant fish, hence living a small percentage (10%) with insignificant period for young broods meant to mature. Therefore, both the Commercial fishing (fish firms and fishermen) has significantly contributed to the decline of the sea fish where if the absence of proper and effective measures persist, it will accelerate declining fish stock.
Management and Sustainment Plan:
Effective sustainment plan will entail involving fishermen (both commercial and non commercial), communities, states’ regimes besides environmentalists. For the sustainable plan to be effective and every entity understands its significance, there will be a necessity of holding diverse meetings. These will be for negotiating with the key parties by making them understand the effects of their overfishing besides outlining the intended strategies meant to preserve global fish (Recharte, Bowler & Bodmer, 2008). Meeting all the involved parties besides negotiating with them will probably take 1 to 4 months approximately. The plan will entail advocating utilization of redesigned fishing equipments that will ensure no more catching of the already smaller fish to allow bleeding. Besides, fishing will be in intervals coupled with legalizing of commercial fishing firms where they will adhere to strict regulations and policies. This is to allow adequate fish breeding besides shunning specific regions where overfishing is evident.
Fishermen’s and Environmentalists’ perception towards Management and Sustainment Plan.
The environmentalists owing to their urge and passion for nature and especially aquatic life, they will support the sustainable plan where some may be willing to contribute positively (Recharte, Bowler & Bodmer, 2008). Conversely, both the commercial and non-commercial parties may or not agree with the sustainable plan where it will call for prolonged persuading.
Other problems besides declining fish stock due to fishing techniques.
Fishing techniques normally lead to the extinction of other aquatic species. This is because they become entangled in the nets or other fishing equipments where fishermen after getting their intended catch normally discard them on the shore. Hence, endanger various species that normally due to their existence in the oceans become overfishing victims.
Management and Sustainment Plan effect on the community.
Community owing to the strict policies and regulations, it will have no alternative but to seek other means meant for their income (Recharte, Bowler & Bodmer, 2008). This will immensely affect them economically especially those solely relied on fishing as a source of income.
Issues relating to jobs, resources and lifestyles
The plan will affect immensely the job market where the involved fishing firms and other retail parties may yield to retrenching their employees. This is because the stipulated intervals, which the firm will not be fishing, they will not require many employees, hence reduce the personnel. Conversely, sustainable plan if implemented effectively will upgrade aquatic resources besides fishing contrary to the communities disputing the plan (Recharte, Bowler & Bodmer, 2008).
Recharte, M., Bowler, M., & Bodmer, R. (2008). Potential Conflict Between Fishermen And Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) In Response To Declining Stocks Of Arowana Fish ( Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) In Northeastern Peru. IUCN Otter Specialist Group Bulletin, 25(2), 89-93. Read More
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Resource Plan Public Service Announcement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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