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Global Warming and how it effects he world in a negative way and how it must be stopped - Essay Example

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Global warming; a hot topic since last few decades, is a simple term that relates to the increase in the temperature of the earth which affects the entire world equally. It is one of those phenomena which are anthropogenic and thus never have any kind of positive effects or…
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Global Warming and how it effects he world in a negative way and how it must be stopped
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Download file to see previous pages The outcomes are very severe like those of glacier’s melting as the internal environment of the globe heats up, which can cause an increase in sea level which would eventually be disastrous for coastal cities round the globe. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Third Assessment Report projected various emission outcomes, under which North America, over the next century could warm at 1-3˚C in under low emissions, or 3.5-7.5˚C in a high emissions scenario (Gupta 41). Every other country is suffering from the effects of global warming and it has become a big environment opponent. But a big issue in stopping global warming is that the emission of carbon dioxide guaranty increased economic activity and hence, it cannot be slowed down or diminished completely. A wise solution is that ethanol must be used in automobiles as a fuel since it is renewable and does not cause as much green house effect as caused by burning of other fossil fuels. No doubt the concept of global warming swallowing the whole earth has greatly mobilized the people and they are trying any possible means to reduce its effect like performing recycling and using alternative fuels (ethanol fuel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Warming and How It Effects He World in a Negative Way and How Essay.
“Global Warming and How It Effects He World in a Negative Way and How Essay”, n.d.
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