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The Issue of Global Warming - Term Paper Example

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The author states that global warming is majorly caused by human activities such as deforestation, the use of a lot of energy, the emission of poisonous gases to the atmosphere from industries and machines. Global warming is also caused by how people live every day and how they consume power…
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages The ozone layer that encloses the planet creates a greenhouse effect capable of sustaining both the temperature and composition of air thereby ensuring that the water remains in a liquid state. Global warming is a result of careless human activities that have consequently destroyed the environment and have severe ramifications most of which threaten the existence of life on the planet as portrayed in the discussion below.

Among the factors that have contributed to global warming is environmental degradation, humans interact with their environment carelessly thus resulting in the massive loss of forest cover among other vital features of the earth. Trees are vital aspects of the planet; they have a mechanism of maintaining the carbon level on earth thereby stabilizing the global temperature. However, increased human activity and encroachment into the forests have resulted in the loss of large forest covers. Humans have successfully reduced the sizes of the great equatorial forests in both Brazil and central Africa among other areas. Additionally, such calamities as forest fires have compounded the problem resulting in loss of huge forest covers. As countries in central Africa and in South America pride themselves in the exportation of timber, they encourage massive deforestation oblivious to the consequences of such actions.

Besides deforestation, the extraction and use of fossil fuels have resulted in the emission of large amounts of carbon monoxide into the environment. Large companies in every country currently use fossil fuels such as diesel and petrol among others. Such gases emit large portions of unburnt carbon in the form of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. The gas alone is responsible for the substantial reduction in the size of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a thick layer of oxygen molecules that cushion the earth from the dangerous radiations and rays of the sun. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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