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Movie Review Example

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The documentary “FLOW- For The love of Water” starts with the statement “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” This statement clearly shows the importance of water in the life of human beings. It is vital to note that human beings are mainly made of…
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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES The documentary “FLOW- For The love of Water” starts with the ment “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” This statement clearly shows the importance of water in the life of human beings. It is vital to note that human beings are mainly made of water. Blood which flows through the human body system is mainly made of plasma, which is 80% water. This clearly shows that water is life.
The film starts by showing how global fresh water supplies are drastically reducing. This means that soon the world shall reach a critical time when water shall be considered a valuable national resource. For that reason, people need to come up with solutions for this crisis. In this essay, I shall try to review the solutions given in the documentary. First, we shall tackle water wastage. It is a miracle that people can take up to one hour in the shower. This is a clear wastage of water. People need to take shorter showers or better yet resort to baths, which would require the use of less water.
The film also talks about the pollution of fresh water sources that prevent the use of water. An example of such pollution involves the use of the herbicide Atrazine. This herbicide is still used in the United States of America, despite being banned in countries such as Switzerland. The herbicide is so toxic that it decreases fertility in human males by reducing their sperm count and also causes prostrate and breast cancer. Therefore to solve this problem, the state needs to ban the use of all toxic chemicals that pollute our fresh water reservoirs.
The next documentary that I shall review is called “The Intersection Between Justice and Sustainability: Voices and Views from South Phoenix”. This documentary mainly involves interviews carried out on the residents of South Phoenix. In this essay, I shall reflect on the actions taken by community leaders profiled in the film to address the 10 sustainability principles. In every city, social inequality, marginalization, and containment are some of common injustices experienced. One of these community leaders is Steve Brittle the founder of Don’t Waste Arizona. This is a non-profit environmental organization that was formed to protect, conserve, and preserve human and natural environment. One of the main problems that Phoenix faces comes from Innovative Waste Utilization. This company is located in a neighborhood mainly comprising of African American and Latino families and poses great hazard to these families. Furthermore, this waste facility planned to expand their facility to increase capacity and this would mean more hazardous waste would be delivered in South Phoenix. For that reason, Concerned residents of South Phoenix carried out public awareness campaigns, such as protests and town meetings to get the City Council to ordain a policy that would prevent the expansion of the facility.
Due to the actions of the CRSP, the City Council passed an ordinance in 2000, which prevented the expansion of the harmful IWU facility in Phoenix as well as all other harmful waste treatment facilities in South Phoenix. This policy also prevents the development of new harmful toxic waste facilities from developing in the area. This has been of great benefit to the community since the families living in this area will not be exposed to more toxic waste.
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Brooks, Sarah. Environmental Justice Case Study. December 2000 . Retrieved on: 3 May 2012
Grineski, S., B. Bolin and C. Boone. " Criteria air pollution and marginalized populations:
Environmental inequity in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona." Social Science Quarterly 88(2): (2007): 535-554. Read More
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