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Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet - Essay Example

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The documentaries “Flow: For Love of Water” and “The World According to Monsanto” are closely related to the article “Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet” written by Michael Parenti. Even though each of these documents deals with a very specific issue, the evil portrayed in each of these works is destructive…
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Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet
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"Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet"

Download file to see previous pages Both “Flow” and “Pathology” address crucial problems that endanger people’s lives. “Flow” is a documentary directed by Irene Salina in 2008 and introduces the difficulty many people around the world have in finding clean water and how chemicals have contaminated drinkable water around the world. It is common knowledge that water is indispensable for survival; however, the reality is that water is becoming scare throughout the world. As stated in “Flow”: “The world is running out of fresh water.” This dramatic observation represents a real threat to millions of people around the world compelled to drink dirty water. This scarcity of fresh water is related to the pollution caused by companies whose chemical products contaminate the water. “Flow” presents examples from Mexico, Bolivia, India and South Africa where people die after drinking contaminated water. This pollution is a point Michael Parenti denounces in his article. He indeed presents pollution as s threat to people’s health and survival. Indicating the companies’ involvement in the pollution, he states: “This corporate system of capital accumulation treats the Earth's life-sustaining resources (arable land, groundwater, wetlands, foliage, forests, fisheries, ocean beds, bays, rivers, air quality) as disposable ingredients presumed to be of limitless supply, to be consumed or toxified at will”. ...
He indeed presents pollution as s threat to people’s health and survival. Indicating the companies’ involvement in the pollution, he states: “This corporate system of capital accumulation treats the Earth's life-sustaining resources (arable land, groundwater, wetlands, foliage, forests, fisheries, ocean beds, bays, rivers, air quality) as disposable ingredients presumed to be of limitless supply, to be consumed or toxified at will” (Parenti). He clearly denounces the destruction of the world’s resources and the toxic chemicals companies discharge in them therefore threatening people’s health and lives. Similarly “Monsanto” and Parenti’s article also share the same concern about the deadly effects of chemicals and the invincibility of the multinationals that have total control over the organizations supposed to regulate the fields. This documentary directed by Marie-Monique Robin in 2008 presents Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, involved in the production of herbicide and genetically engineered seeds. Even though Monsanto claims “to help farmers produce better crops” (Monsanto) there is a growing controversy concerning the health risks that the products constitute. In fact, some studies find that the herbicide, Round up, and other chemicals “Provoke the first stages that lead to cancer” (Monsanto). Because of these health risks, workers and researchers raise the question of safety; however, their concerns did not find easy answers since they soon found out that the company was very powerful and well-grounded. Their priority was not the safety of their workers or the environment but to make profit. One of the company’s reports indicates: “We cannot afford to lose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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