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Greenhouse effect and global warming - Essay Example

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Perhaps one of the contentious scientific and political issues today associated with environmental concerns and the scientific community is the global warming that is in line with greenhouse effect. Other studies point out global warming creates potential social harms such as human health problems (Afzal). …
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Greenhouse effect and global warming
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Download file to see previous pages As many establishments for instance are trying to produce offerings, more greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are directly emitted into the atmosphere. The rising number of vehicles due to industrialization has even led to the increase of greenhouse gases. For this reason, Al Gore and other global warming alarmists try to inform the public the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other related greenhouse gases. These created various responses especially among global warming skeptics and realists. For the realists, scientific proofs are necessary so they cited important findings that could prove global warming as a natural environmental cycle occurring regularly over the earth’s entire existence (Taylor). Showcasing major findings of researches and even natural observations lead to the conclusion among global warming alarmists that humans have contributed enough for the recent climate change. The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere traps heat energy causing earth to warm. As a result, climate change is imminent, and even from a simple observation everyone could agree with the prevailing environmental changes taking place everywhere. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes that climate change is indeed taking place and humans have become responsible for it (Environmental Protection Agency). Reduction of greenhouse gas emission is what EPA believes to be one important solution in order to address environmental problems associated with climate change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming called The Greenhouse Effect. Gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane are called greenhouse gases, due to their tendency to trap radiation, which causes the atmosphere to stay warm. Without The Greenhouse Effect, life on earth would be very different and impossible for humans. The Greenhouse Effect is directly related to the phenomenon known as Global Warming or Global Climate Change. The earth’s atmosphere is constantly changing. Throughout geologic time, the atmosphere has contained varying degrees of greenhouse gases (Aubrecht,...
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