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This paper "Reflection over Journal Experience on the Global Ecosystem" focuses on the fact that the journal experience was the best thing that ever happened in academic life. The author has been able to learn many things from a broader perspective than she did when she joined the course. …
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Reflection over Journal Experience on the Global Ecosystem
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The journal experience on good use and recycling of materials has influenced the way I utilize available resources. Shopping habits have changed for the better and I have developed the discipline of shopping the necessary and important things. More notably, I have changed the way I utilize natural resources especially nonrenewable resources.
I have gained profoundly from the journal experiences and I have observed many changes in my daily life. I have come to realize that our individual contribution to the environment can have a remarkable impact. Undeniably, meaningful and positive change in the environment can only be realized when the individuals who understand environmental issues influence the rest of the population. Each one of us should be an environmental ambassador. Simply put, the journal experiences have taught me to be a more responsible global citizen especially when it comes to environmental conservation. Each step of the journal experiences was enjoyable. It fills me with gratification knowing that my contribution towards the environment is greatly appreciated.  Read More
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