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What Effect Has Industrialization Had on the Environment - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the topic of idustrialization, that is a term that refers to the developments that have been made in the manufacturing and processing sectors. The researcher focuses on the analysis of what effects has industrialization had on the environment…
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What Effect Has Industrialization Had on the Environment
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher of this essay analyzes the effects that industrialization causes yoday and suggests that there are many. The major effect that the concept of industrialization has on the environment is pollution. Pollution which is generally referred to as the negation of the environment by causing harmful effects is very dangerous for human beings and other thriving people in the environment. There are very many types of pollution caused by industries. They range from water pollution, soil pollution and the major one of all, air pollution. Some of the products are like cars that ease the movements of people from one location to the other. There are also machines that are used in farms to assist in farming and such hard activities. However, despite the positive attributes credited to the concept of industrialization, there are also the negativities related to it. All these effects, that were analyzed in the essay are tied to the production of industries to the environment. Despite the fact that scientists argue that the environment is affected for a greater cause as the people dwelling in it generally benefit from the industries. The researcher then concluds that this is due to the fact that the many machines that make work easier for human beings come from the industries. However, environmentalists argue that despite that fact stated by scientists, the environment should be protected by the people running the industries taking more care of the manner in which they dispose off wastes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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