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About indentifying the most significant issues facing cities in the 21st century and discuss some possible solutions .. 600 word - Essay Example

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However, with the increase in the number of cities, the number of social, environmental, and security problems and issues has also increased. One of the major environmental…
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About indentifying the most significant issues facing cities in the 21st century and discuss some possible solutions .. 600 word
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the major causes of air pollution include fossil fuels from power-generating stations, factories, release of hydrocarbons from petroleum refineries, radioactive fallout, pesticides and insecticides, and mining operations.
Pimentel states, “Air pollution from smoke and various chemicals kills 3 million people a year”. Some of the effects of air pollution on heath include eyes and throat infections, pneumonia, heart diseases, lung cancer, and skin problems. Air pollution can be reduced using some effective ways. Some of those ways include using electric heaters instead of coal heaters, using solar cars instead of fuel-powered cars, and closing the doors for almost half an hour after using pesticides and insecticides.
Water pollution is another type of environmental pollution that causes adverse effects on the health of humans, plants, and animals if not treated properly. Some of the major sources of water pollution include industrial waste, inorganic substances like chemical waste, water storage tanks, and hazardous waste sites.
If the concerned authorities take no proper sanitation measures, water contamination can put adverse effects on the health of marine and human life. Some of the effects on humans include different kinds of bacterial, viral, and protozoal infections. Some diseases like typhoid, paratyphoid fever, Cholera, dental carries, and hepatitis are closely associated with water pollution. Water pollution can be treated using many ways. Some of those ways include creating awareness among people regarding harms associated with water pollution and developing proper sanitary systems.
Soil pollution is the third type of environmental pollution, which causes adverse effects on the health of living creatures. One of the major sources of soil pollution is the chemical processes, which are used to take out the minerals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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