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The primary energy source used by my electric company is Nuclear power. It is apparent that the company generates power by Nuclear as the name of the company has “Nuclear Power” attached to it. …
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Green Revolution
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Running Head: GREEN REVOLUTION Here] [Your Here] Here] [November 20th, Green Revolution The primary energy source used by my electric company is Nuclear power. It is apparent that the company generates power by Nuclear as the name of the company has “Nuclear Power” attached to it. When talking about ways to reduce energy use, there can be many steps taken. Some of the examples can be that if we use public transport we can reduce electric or if we use the common washing machines instead of the multipurpose ones; we can reduce some good amount of energy. Furthermore, to practically save energy, I replaced my house’s regular lights with energy saving lights which allowed me some power in an easier way.
If the primary source of energy would come from Russia, diminishing the electricity usage would simply mean that the imports from Russia would get lower which would bring up an improvement in the balance of payments position of USA. However, while particularly talking about the name of Russia, it doesn’t really make any difference from which part of the world energy is originated but what’s important is that the fossil fuels should be reduced.
Lastly, the federal bill which I would like to mention in this report is the ‘tri-partisan’ bill that is being brought up by the senators Joe, Lieberman, John Kerry and Lindsay Graham. This is a bill that offers implementation of a cap and trade system for some industries now, holds for some other industries and constraining a carbon tax on other industries as well. However I don’t really agree with this bill, which is for the reason that it does not have solid cap and trade propositions that would hold back emissions by a limit.
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(Green Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Green Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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