Factors leading to the spread of HIV/AIDs in the Southern African Region - Essay Example

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What makes the fight against HIV/AIDS extremely necessary is the fact that HIV/AIDS has no cure as of date. Prevention therefore remains the only way out. To win the fight in HIV/AIDS…
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Factors leading to the spread of HIV/AIDs in the Southern African Region
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Extract of sample "Factors leading to the spread of HIV/AIDs in the Southern African Region"

Factors leading to the spread of HIV/AIDs in the Southern African Region Background to the Study HIV/AIDS continues to plague the world and remains one of the world’s deadliest epidermises. What makes the fight against HIV/AIDS extremely necessary is the fact that HIV/AIDS has no cure as of date. Prevention therefore remains the only way out. To win the fight in HIV/AIDS prevention however, it is extremely important that the causative and risk factors behind the spread of HIV/AIDS are identified and specifically combated.
Research Aim
The fight against HIV/AIDS has yielded great deal of results and success. This not withstanding, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (2011) advises that “no one should become complacent about HIV and AIDS.” For instance, in Southern Africa there is one of the world’s highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate. The overall aim of the research is therefore to investigate into the factors leading to the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Southern African region.
Specific Objectives
The research aim is generally broad. The achievement of the research aim would therefore depend on the achievement of a number of minor objectives referred to as specific objectives. The specific objectives for the research are therefore given as follows.
1. To identify the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in the Southern African region.
2. How the socio-economic conditions of people play a role in their vulnerability to attracting HIV.
3. Assess the impact of culture on the spread of HIV in Southern Africa.
4. To assess high risk factors that militate against the people of Southern Africa as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned.
5. To analyze preventive efforts put in place by stakeholders in reducing the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in the Southern Africa region.
Research Questions
1. What is the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS attraction in the Southern Africa region?
2. What factors lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Southern Africa regions?
3. What efforts have been put in place already by stakeholders to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Southern Africa region?
4. What factors militate against the fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Southern Africa region?
Research Design
The researcher shall adopt a case as a research design to assist in the collection of data. With case study, the researcher shall have a specific research area where data will be collected from. It is the variables that exist in this area alone that the researcher shall deal with. This means that the use of a case study shall serve as delimitation in the collection of data. This research design is highly appropriate for the research problem understudy because the research problem has a specific locality and that is the Southern Africa region.
Sample and Sampling Procedure
The researcher shall work with three major groups of sample size. These groups are HIV patients, ordinary members of the public who are HIV negative and finally experts in the health profession with specific specialization in HIV. There shall be two major sampling techniques to get these groups of people. The sampling techniques are random sampling technique and purposive sampling technique. The random sampling technique shall be used to select members of the public and HIV patients whereas purposive sampling shall be used to select health experts.
Research Instruments
Research instruments will be employed to collect data from respondents. The researcher shall use two major research instruments namely interview and questionnaire. Whereas interview shall be used on members of the public because their ability to read and write cannot be justified, questionnaire shall be used on the experts because they are can read and write.
Data Collection Procedure
The researcher shall adapt primary data collection procedure whereby the researcher shall personally collect data from respondents. Intensive interview and collection of questionnaire shall be the major data collection procedures to be used by the researcher.
Data Analysis Plan
The researcher shall employ two major data analysis methods. These are qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods. Quantitatively, the researcher shall analyze data collected by the use of mathematical formula, charts, percentages and graphs to give empirical interpretation and discussion to data collected. Qualitatively, the researcher shall base on personal judgment based on review of literature to present and analyze data.
Research Limitations
There are two major limitations envisioned by the researcher. These are the willingness of people of the public to share their views and ideas on the HIV/AIDS menace and availability of time to complete this academic research within the set academic calendar.
Research plan and timetable
Submission of literature review 23th November, 2011
Primary and/or secondary data collection 12th January, 2012
Submission of methods chapter 3rd March 2012
Data analysis and interpretation 31st March 2012
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011, ‘Basic Information about HIV and AIDS’, accessed October 22, 2011 Read More
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