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The purpose of the paper "Biotechnology And The Green Revolution" is to analyze the interview with the late Norman Borlaug and defines the green revolution, that was a program aimed at developing high-yielding wheat crops as a means of expanding food production in poorer nations…
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Biotechnology And The Green Revolution
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Biotechnology And The Green Revolution
The purpose of this paper is to provide insight into the article “Biotechnology and the Green Revolution” which is basically a simple interview with the late Norman Borlaug the so called ‘Father of the Green Revolution’ and The format that will be utilized is to first provide a summery of some of the key points highlighted in the article then to provide a statement of personal opinion.
The article identifies seven question which Borlaug provides answers to. Firstly Borlaug is asked to define the green revolution in which he highlighted that it was a program aimed at developing high-yielding wheat crops as a means of expanding food production in poorer nations. The second question was in relation to whether or not global hunger is still as important today and Borlaug identified that it is indeed a major issue as there remains issues of providing education to farmers as well as distribution channel problems in getting fertilizer and other goods to these regions which suffer from a poor infrastructure network. Furthermore it is the case that some regions still suffer from poor soils as well as uncertain rainfall. The third question was opinion based as Borlaug was asked to postulate arguments against those who oppose biotechnology in developing countries. It is the case that Borlaug highlighted that the newer technologies are more precise and less time consuming with much higher yields and depending on the nature of the product may require fewer ancillary costs such as additional fertilizer or herbicides so it can be that the costs are far cheaper. The fourth question was in relation to risks associated with toxins and allergens in GM foods however Borlaug quickly dispelled the rumors that there is excess toxicity in GM foods but it remains the case that allergen properties may still exist however it should be highlighted that these rates are the same as in non GM foods. Next the interviewer asked if there were environmental risks associated with GM Crops however Borlaug highlighted those GM crops producer higher yields on less land and by pursuing conventional farming techniques we would have to slash and burn more forests. Next the question was posed if poorer farmers can access biotech products and the answer was most products carry corporate patents and may be financially out of reach for some farmers. Lastly Borlaug was asked to postulate on the future of the green revolution and he says it is more important now than ever.
From a personal standpoint I tent to agree with Mr. Borlaug. I believe that the future of feeding our growing populations depends on the development of new strains of higher yielding crops. The primary reason I agree with Mr. Borlaug is that I believe that GM crops are better for the environment insofar as if we were to meet today’s food requirements we would probably have to destroy a great deal of our nature to make way for more crops, and in my opinion it makes sense to try and get more out of less land. Secondly I am inclined to agree with Mr. Borlaug on his opinions regarding the holding of food patents by corporations. If it is the case that farmers can do more with these crops and cause less environmental damage we should do everything we can to get this technology into the hands of those who can use it.
In conclusion I believe that the future of feeding our growing population will probably rely on the implementing newer GM technologies, however with the emergence of the anti GM movement and an increasingly ‘organic’ dedicated consumer base one could state that the future of the industry is unknown. Read More
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