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In the paper “Global Warming: the High Levels of Variations in the Climate” the author discusses the recent trend of high levels of usage of fuels and irresponsible behavior on the part of humans. Each of us contributes to the level of global warming each day…
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Global Warming: the High Levels of Variations in the Climate
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Global Warming: the High Levels of Variations in the Climate
With the recent trend of high levels of usage of fuels and irresponsible behavior on the part of humans, the main issue that is now in focus is ‘Global Warming’. Each of us contribute to the level of global warming each day and this is making the world a difficult place to stay for ourselves and our future generations. Global warming is an issue of international concern. I personally feel it is essential for everyone to learn the affects of global warming and what each one of us can do to help save the world. As understood, global warming is the result of the green house effect and the impact of this have seriously decrementing affects on the world. It changes temperatures, which can even cause the spread of diseases. It can increase droughts and heat waves and it causes the polar ice caps to melt, because of what global warming can do to the world, it is an important issue that people of the world should be concerned.
With the high levels of variations in the climate, the affects are felt individually as well as globally. Global warming has affected all our cities and country to a great extent. With the constantly increasing temperatures, the number of disease causing insects also increase as the temperatures are perfect for their breeding process, and this in turn causes a serious problem for the humans. Also, with the increased temperatures, several areas across the globe are now becoming either wetter or drier and this is the underlying reasons for droughts and heat wave. Global warming is also causing the level of water to rise in coastal areas and this in turn leads to floods. Apart from all of these factors the ice caps have also been noted to be melting which has lead to high levels of imbalance to the ecosystem. The melting of the ice caps leads to the ocean to become imbalanced as well thereby causing the ocean currents to change as well.
This has in a lot of ways affected my life as I have become very aware of the changes in the environment and I try to take as many measures to help reduce my contribution to increasing the green house effect. I understand that if global warming continues at the current rate the regions like southern Africa, Middle East, Western North America and Western Australia will only continue to get drier and the agricultural produces will stay taking a hit. Hence the impact of global warming is high and as a human the three main aspects that would affect me is Food & water supplies and health. Hence since there are so many noxious effects of global warming, everyone should try to limit their use of fossil fuels and the resultant greenhouse gases, to save the Earth for all posterity. Read More
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