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You will basically require a fish tank made of glass or fibre to put the fish in, a heater to keep the water at a suitable temperature, a thermometer to check and maintain the temperature, filters to keep the water clean, gravel to serve as a substrate for plants and a mechanical filter for the water…
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Starting An Aquarium
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STARTING AN AQUARIUM *Introduction If you like pets, especially, the timid but playful fish, starting an aquarium might be right thing for you to do.
2. Choose the type of aquarium you want to start: i.e. fresh water aquarium or saltwater aquarium.
3. Depending on the space available, choose the size and shape of the aquarium.
4. Depending on the water, select the fish you want to keep in the aquarium.
* Description of the equipment or process
You will basically require a fish tank made of glass or fibre to put the fish in, a heater to keep the water at a suitable temperature, a thermometer to check and maintain the temperature, filters to keep the water clean, gravel to serve as a substrate for plants and a mechanical filter for the water, a hood, lights for the tank, a powerhead to circulate the water, air pumps, stand and various cleaning equipment.
* Theory of operation
Water in the glass or fibre tank provides the fish with a close to nature location.
When the fish are bought and put in the aquarium, they find it an almost natural habitat. There are plants to provide oxygen, the gravel at the bottom acting as a substrate for the plants. The light not only makes the fish look attractive, it helps the plants grow too. The filter helps keep the water clean for the fish, and drains out unwanted chemicals, like ammonia. The powerhead is used to gently circulate the water and drain it out when required.

* List of materials and equipment
1. Fish tank: glass or fibre.
2. Stand for the tank.
3. Gravel for the plants.
4. Lights, preferably CFL for the tank.
5. Filter
6. Hood
7. Powerhead
8. Air pumps
9. Net
10. Cleaning Equipment
11. Fish
* Directions
1. Choose the Tank: Chose the tank, depending on the size and shape that fits your room.
2. Select or make a stand for the tank to rest on.
3. Place the soil at the bottom, aquarium soil called fluorite is available in pet shops.
4. Next, place the gravel on the layer of soil.
5. Place the decorative material.
6. Add water gently into the tank through a siphon.
7. Drill the hole near the bottom and place a filter (Eheim 2313 Classic filter).Make sure there is a filter intake and filter output
8. Add a CO2 system(yeast/fermentation plant) to help the plants grow well.
9. Place a heater is near the water flow, such as the outlet (or inlet) from the filter, or in the stream of a power head.
10. Install the plants and add water .
11. Add the fish.
12. Place the aquarium lid on top along with the lights, preferably fluorescent.
13. The aquarium is ready to be used.
* Troubleshooting
1. Keep an Emergency kit Handy.
The Emergency Kit containing a flashlight, a plastic container or ziplock pouch, fish net, plastic containers with pour spout and hand warmers.
2. Water Problems could include
pH of the water is right.
Ammonia Poisoning
Nitrate Poisoning
High or Low Temperature
Algal Problems could include:
1. Excess algal activity
2. Formation of slime and green water.
Thus always check the pH, Temperature and color of the water frequently.
1. Shirlie Sharpe,
2. How To Make An Aquarium,
3. How to make your fish aquarium ,
4.How To Build an Aquarium, Read More
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