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Hurrican Katrina - Essay Example

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This essay talks about Hurricane Katrina. It is equally obvious that good answers that provide a better response to our next national disaster are a matter of the utmost necessity. What is less obvious is where the breakdown occurred after Katrina and who is to blame for it…
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Hurrican Katrina
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Download file to see previous pages As the report declares Bush, Congress, the mayor - each of them are symptoms of a bigger problem, that we don't have accountability for disasters or
challenges of this scale. That's all the public wants in trying times - accountability ... Lovin added that it's too convenient to blame one branch of government when they are all, at some level, failing people.
This paper stresses that Lovin's sentiments seem liberal and noble on the surface. We do have a human need to assign blame in "trying times," real accountability does seem lacking at multiple levels of our government, and we shouldn't go on a witch hunt to appease public outrage by scapegoating one person or one department of government, when the culpability is much more diffuse. This is certainly a moral sentiment, and an appropriate stance to take in the absence of compelling facts to the contrary. However, facts to the contrary can be found. And the culpability in this matter is not equally shared. The United States government has known for decades that large scale natural disasters necessarily go beyond the response capabilities of state and local authorities. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, it is likewise well-known, by our top disaster planning experts, that a quick mobilization of the United States active military is the only adequate response in such disasters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hurricane katrina

...?The book Floodliness: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six by Jordan Flaherty and Amy Goodman is a trustworthy source reflecting onthe way people of New Orleans behaved during and after the natural disaster. In fact, it is a story to take for real as it goes apart with what official news outlined at the moment. Different stories told by eyewitnesses highlight the severity of the New Orleans police department with lots of malfeasance they committed against civilians. This and many other episodes from the city after Katrina hurricane are well emphasized in the paper aiming at the main concepts and empirical studies the authors managed to collect in the book under analysis....
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Hurricane Katrina

...? Hurricane Katrina al Affiliation There have been various calamities that have stricken many nations across the world over the past decades; one of the most recent is the Hurricane Katrina that hit America in Gulf of Mexico region, resulting in major losses including numerous casualties. The major blame fell on engineers since it was all about construction. Earlier on, there were levees that had been constructed, but according to the research, it was revealed that there were numerous inadequacies associated with the project. The issue of human safety is very sensitive and in all activities conducted by any professional, safety is the key thing to be considered. The...
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Hurricane Katrina

...Comparison between Hurricane Katrina and Irish Potato Famine Various disasters have been experienced in the world’shistory. These disasters have been either natural or man-induced. With the increasing technology and advancements, humans have attempted to contain some of the disasters, for example lightening is no longer a major threat because of the development of lightening arrestors. In addition, it has been possible to predict the occurrence of a disastrous event even though the level of precision has been an issue of concern. Disasters in both recent and ancient times have claimed several lives, destroyed property and altered the environment. Around mid 19th Century, the ‘Irish Potato Famine’ hit...
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Hurricane Katrina

... Battle f Leyte Gulf The disaster f Hurricane Katrina is one of the most devastating events in the history f the United States which would be remembered long. If journalism is the first rough draft f history, then Douglas Brinkley's The Great Deluge-released less than nine months after the disaster f nature and management that was Katrina and before the beginning f the next hurricane season- should probably be viewed as the first polished document. There may be some tinkering left to do regarding the story f the worst natural disaster in modern American history-some i's to dot and t's to cross-but the combination f Brinkley's skills as a historian and reporter, his proximity to the tragedy (being a New Orleans resident), and his... ...
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Katrina disaster

...Katrina Disaster & Hospital Recovery The Industrial Hygiene Hazards for Hospitals and Hurricane Induced Hygiene Hazards Lecturer: Thispaper explores the guidance provided by an Industrial Hygienist of the hospital to the Incident Commander of a Large New Orleans Hospital on safe entry, safe clean up procedures, appropriate protective equipment for all rescue workers and hazard assessment after the building was hit by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding caused by damaged levee. The paper is based on industrial hygiene hazards for the hospital as well as those induced by the hurricane, how the rescue teams detect, face and remove those hazards to make...
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Hurricane katrina

...Answer Yes, I agree with the commission’s findings that the preparation for and response to Hurricane Katrina was a failure of Initiative. The initial failure of the government occurred many years before Katrina happened. The loss of life fundamentally happened because of lack of preparation. The government knew that a disaster of the magnitude of Katrina is likely to happen from the exercise conducted by the government in which New Orleans was struck by a stimulated hurricane. A potential cause of the failure was poor maintenance of the levees that were meant to protect the New Orleans area. The levees were not strong enough to hold a...
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Hurricane Katrina

...Response to Hurricane Katrina al affiliation Response to Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive hurricanes that occurred in 2005 in the Atlantic region. The hurricane led to death of people and enormous destruction of property making it the sixth deadliest hurricane in the history of the United States. As a result of its occurrence, various responses were put into practice; these responses had both positive and negative aspects (Brasch, 2006). Positive aspects of Hurricane Katrina responses After the disaster according...
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...” (152). The findings of Quarantelli also deserve special attention as his observations clearly show how communities, organizations and individuals may respond to disaster preparedness. The paper also throws light on the lessons that Hurricane Katrina bring to the Federal disaster preparedness plans. Findings of Quarantelli It is worthwhile to analyze Quarantelli’s findings on how individuals would respond to disaster preparedness. He holds that even though “individuals tend to have little interest in disaster preparedness in advance of disasters” they tend to help each other once disasters occur; similarly, individuals are likely to respond rationally to any serious ‘explicit warnings of impending...
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Hurricane Katrina

...Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina refers to the world’s deadliest and most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone ever experienced in history that came in the early morning of August 29th, 2005. Ideally, Hurricane Katrina remains the greatest natural disaster ever experienced along the American coastline, causing a significant number of deaths to individuals and substantive damage to property of unknown value. Many regions were submerged along the coast on differeing wind strengths  in a particular place at some time. There are various perspectives, from which Hurricane Katrina is discussable; however,...
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Hurrican Katrinia

...Hurricane Katrina Affiliation Hurricane Katrina is considered to be the costliest of all flood disasters ever recorded in the United States history that accounted for billions of money in losses. One of the underlying factors that contributed to the disaster was the floodwall design. Investigations done on London Avenue and the 17th Street canal revealed that they were breached though water had not flown over their tops, making it a construction or design defect. Most of the New Orleans floodwalls and levee failures in the wake of Hurricane Katrina happened at the weak-link intersections between various levees according to a preface report by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the University of California and Berkeley... ). Also,...
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