Human Society and Environmental Issues - Essay Example

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This essay is focused on the problems which face humans. As it is mentioned in the text, human society needs the benefits of physical resources in order to live in standards that support technological growth and live a more comfortable and satisfactory life. …
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Human Society and Environmental Issues
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Human Society needs physical resources and Environmental issues are inevitable outcome of using them. Do you agree Indeed, human society needs the benefits of physical resources in order to live in standards that support technological growth and live a more comfortable and satisfactory life. However, this writer believes that the environmental issues are not inevitable, because such issues can be minimized, if not completely eradicated. The theory of inter generationality dictates that the current generation has the duty to preserve the environment and cultivate resources for the future generation. This can be done in so many ways. For example, for logging business, wherein twenty old trees have to be cut down out of fifty, then forty new trees must be planted, in order to support the theory of inter generationality.

Environmental issues come up because different societies tend to live for themselves and no longer consider the welfare of other issues. One example of this is the ocean. The ocean is a universal property wherein different sea creatures reside. No matter how hard Australia protects migratory whales during seasons that such creatures are in their waters, it becomes useless if these mammals are not protected in the same scale once they go to the waters of South East Asia during summer time. In this sense, environmental issues could be minimized if the nations where migratory whales visit will enter into an agreement to equally protect these species.

The physical resources of the world are somewhat made available for everybody. Thus the care and protection of which must be done on universal level. The ozone layer, the ocean, these are all not bound by territory, thus demands cooperation in terms of its protection. However, there are environmental issues that strictly demand the action of local governments. It is a universally accepted rule that resources found to one country belong to that same country. And if such country will create laws that will support logging without any clause on inter generational duty, then the international society cannot do much about it. This also goes with multi national corporations that pollute the air, but continuously operates because of the protection given by their host country.

All environment issues are political issues because politics govern the relationship between the government and its people. And it is the people who bring about the need to use or exploit physical resources which become the source of environmental issues. The theory on sustainable development which was stressed on Nick Middleton's Book, Global Casino(2008) is defined as pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future.

This graph shows that global temperature is climbing and at some point it will rise so high that it will already affect the earth's climate, (Steffin, 2007).

The change in climate in the long run, because of the destruction of the ozone layer, will definitely affect the existing demographics of different countries. The glaciers will melt, and might erode other islands, or even small countries, it will become so hot that there will be drought everywhere and land can no longer be cultivated.

The call for the protection of the earth is no longer just an ethical duty, but is for the purpose of our survival. We need the resources of the earth. The earth does not need us. Without humans, the trees can grow freely, the ocean may thrive and animals will propagate. Global economy must take into consideration the welfare of each nation and not of one in particular. Countries must strengthen their environmental laws as their minimal contribution to this cause. Read More
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