Global Food Politics in Organic Food Industry - Essay Example

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Food is more than a collection of nutrients. The research will prove that more and more people are turning to organic food rather than continuing to eat foods that are highly processed and contain preservatives that are being found to cause cancer. …
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Global Food Politics in Organic Food Industry
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Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that nutritionists are placing an unprecedented amount of emphasize on organic products, which makes people feel compelled to read the list of ingredients before buying it. That's when the buyers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they can actually understand the list. For instance, the ingredients of organic milk are simply: certified organic grade A milk, and Vitamin D3. This unique feature not only helps consumers to identify an organic product, but also provides a sense of security when people consume the product. When people pick up a conventional product, they glance at it to check for defects, and then toss it into the cart. It is unlikely that anyone is going to read the ingredient list closely.
This paper makes a conclusion that even though organic foods differ from conventional foods in many aspects, study shows that there are no substantial differences between their taste and safety. Buying an organic product is more of an act of protecting the environment than promoting one's own health. If consumers' budget allows, they should buy more organic products, because it is a simple way of giving back to the Mother Nature, and help to preserve biological stability on earth. People are more willing to save in order to be able to afford products like these today. One for the quality and two for the environmental attributes which are given back to the earth. These are two of the main motivators for the organic food industry today and why it is gaining in such popularity as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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