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Organizations The African Medical & Research Foundation is one of the biggest non-governmental health development organizations which is based in Africa. The organization mainly manages programs which focus on a broad range of services which include public medical health programs targeted at vulnerable populations such as children and women…
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Download file to see previous pages The actions carried out by the organization are aimed towards preventative measures and strengthening the healthcare systems. The program is has an aggressive approach in fighting the current prevalent diseases in Africa which would be considered an emergency in developed countries. To be more specific, one of the main causes of death in Africa is HIV/AIDS. Approximately 68% of the entire AIDS infected population in the world resides in Sub Saharan Africa. However, only 10% of these individuals are offered the appropriate access to anti-retroviral drugs. The African community also has a problem of drug resistant strains of TB. The main killer of African children is Malaria, whist approximately 5 000 children are living with diarrhea at any given time. African women are also at a risk of 1:16 of dying during their pregnancy. Comparing these figures with developed countries shows the urgency of the matter and will help illustrate the approaches taken by AMREF in addressing these problems. The organization has started awareness campaigns and free testing facilities in an attempt to prevent new infections of HIV and reducing the progression of the disease in individuals who are already infected. Awareness campaigns have also been created among HIV patients about tuberculosis as early intervention prevents further spread. Specifically, the organization educates the community about the main symptoms, stages of the disease and diagnostic procedures. To reduce the occurrence of malaria the organization has donated mosquito nets and repellents and also educated people on the symptoms and signs of malaria. In an attempt to reduce the number of deaths due to delivery and complicated pregnancies, the organization has improved the education on maternal health. To prevent the spread of water borne diseases the organization has improved the level of education on water safety and sanitation. The above mentioned approaches may appear as non emergency actions; however, one must consider that the organization is based in a developing country. Education is the first step in improving health and preventing certain diseases and this aspect of healthcare is not fully developed in these countries. Therefore, the emergency approach would be too increase people’s knowledge as treatment provision alone is insufficient in alleviated the above mentioned health issues. As mentioned above, the organization is located in Africa and currently has establishments in 30 countries. These offices have several different functions which include technical support, laboratories, on- ground projects and training. The organization also has supporting offices in Europe and North America whose main function is to provide financial support for the African branches. As illustrated above, the main functions of the organization are educating purposes and targeted at developing countries. Therefore, in a usual emergency crisis the organization will not intervene. If the situation was serious and required the involvement of many healthcare organizations AMREF would be influential in spreading the message across the country. However, other modes of intervention in the United States would also be inhibited by the fact that the organiza ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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