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Plant Exploration - Essay Example

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Name Affiliation Topic Plant life in tropical countries is appreciated for its huge impact on the economical scales in the respective country. The favourable conditions experienced in tropical countries allow plants life to flourish each and every day. Kenya falls under the category of tropical countries because its geographical location is along the equator…
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Plant Exploration
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Download file to see previous pages Forests, rich in plant life, are spread across Kenya. Some plants in Kenya are used to make refreshment drinks. Plants such as tea and coffee undergo manufacturing and the end product is used to prepare drinks that are often taken in the morning hours. About eighty percent of the Kenyan population wakes up to a cup of tea or coffee every morning. This is due to its cheapness and exudes health benefits. Tea and coffee consumers have grown exponentially for the past few years. Tea and coffee drinks preparation is easy and can be done at the comfort of your home. Fruit juices are also consumed in Kenya. Avocados, oranges, mangoes among others are squeezed to produce a very sweet juice. The tree tomato fruits are used in making salad. The types of juices and salads depend on the consumer taste and most of them are readily available. Some alcoholic drinks are made from plants. Fermentation of plant fruits yield a sweet and alcoholic drink that is consumed by the locals. Each tribe in Kenya has its own type of alcoholic drink. In coastal areas, for example, the locals use the coconut plant to make an alcoholic drink. ( The building and construction industry in Kenya is aided by plants. Timber is common in the building industry. In rural areas they use trees to build their houses while in urban centres they are used as pillars or roofing materials. Trees are also used in construction of makeshift business premises. Hardwood trees are cut and shaped to manufacture beautiful sculptures by the locals. The baobab tree is used to make durable furniture. Kenya harbours various craftsmen who use plants to make beautiful items such as wall frames. In Kenya, however, deforestation is highly controlled by the government in order to protect plant life. Kenyans also use plants to construct transportation means. Carts and wheelbarrows are wooden and are convenient because they can carry all sorts of luggage. Some communities in Kenya use shrines as sacred places. These shrines are built by placing leaves and trees in strategic positions where people go to communicate with their Deity. In a nutshell, the building and construction industry cannot survive in Kenya without plant life.( Daily Nation Newspaper) Plants are also used for medicinal purposes in Kenya. The idea of treating patients using herbal plants was coined from the forefathers. Herbalists exist in Kenya up to this day. Traditional medicine which comprised of specific plants is still considered in treating diseases. Aloe Vera is an example of a plant used for medicinal purpose. In Kenya, manufactured drugs are expensive depending on the ailment and people turn to plants for their recovery. Herbalists grind and crush different types of leaves from specific plants into a concoction. The concoction then is used in treating headaches, stomach aches, heartburn and other pains. Plants such as Khat are also believed to aid in dieting because they suppress hunger pangs. Leaves from specific plants treat snake bites in the Kikuyu and Kamba community. Rural health planning in Kenya appreciates medicinal plants for they are readily available and cheap. ( Kenyans use plants to relieve hunger pangs each and every day. There are common types of foods across the country although some of them originate from specific communities. Kikuyus enjoy a mixture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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