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Impact of the environment to human behavior - Essay Example

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Environment is a vital component to the development of individuals’ behavior living in distinguished areas. People develop some traits through exposure to culture of the evolving world.This paper entails information concerning the basis of human behavior in various communities…
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Impact of the environment to human behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Environment is a vital component to the development of individuals’ behavior living in distinguished areas. People develop some traits through exposure to culture of the evolving world.This paper entails information concerning the basis of human behavior in various communities. Much of the information relates to that of Gladwell and Jean Twenge. The study further denotes the environmental theory of human behavior by Gladwell in relation to individuals having a better understanding of their real selves and environmental triggers.Finally, the study looks down to establish how individuals understand themselves and environmental triggers through the human behavioral theory. The Power of Context by Malcolm Gladwell In the power of context, Gladwell states the root of shaping behavior of individuals. The culture people grow in determines their (individuals) success in their lives1. It is clear that the development of individual behavior begins at the early ages. The environment of several individuals at a childhood level is the primary determinant of the behavior that they exhibit at adulthood stage. Gladwell asserts that what people in the community instill in the younger generation is significant in what they grow to be and believe. An army of one: me by Jean Twenge Twenge looks much into the modern generation and refers the generation to as Generation Y. “An army of one: me” is a slogan, which denotes individuals assertive character2.Individuals try to adopt such behaviors of present day activities and deviant techniques used by particular characters. For instance, some youths view some of the artists as their role models. This is of great impact in that such youths end up exhibiting odd actions (especially those done by the artists). This becomes difficult especially for parents aiming at imposing good morals in their children. Most of the individuals under this generation focus on their personal interests. The slogan helps individuals develop better ways of living with individuals from other societies. The relationship between the Power of Context and An army of one: me Both Gladwell and Twenge had several segments in common. This results from the subject of their main argument. For instance, both had a concern on the behavior of individuals in various societies. Secondly, they deepened their thoughts to the impact of the environment on the behavior of individuals. In addition, Gladwell and Twenge depicted the result of an environmental changed behavior. This involves a change in the way individuals show respect to others, undertake tasks, and have interest regarding their culture. Learning about human behavior and the environment is important for individuals to be assertive in order to avoid much effect caused by the environment. Gladwell’s environmental theory of human behavior The Tipping Point is the theory by Gladwell and has a concern on the effects of social media on the behavior of particular individuals. This involves such things as, television, internet access devices such as personal computers and laptops. Communication and access of information through internet access helps children learn about other cultures. As noted, the internet changes much of what people know about their culture. The internet use makes users to adjust to the desires of other individuals3 . This leads to a desire to practice some of what they see done by people from other communities. Children do what they have seen parents do and inhibit what other non-family members offer or suggest. Therefore, parents should ensure that their actions towards children are in a manner that will depict good manners. Behavior through politics depends on the reason why various people get involved in a political environment. This helps individuals to have a change in the way they approach or handle difficult situations. The behavior of individuals largely depends on the behavior of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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