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Implication of Extinction of Bengal Tigers - Assignment Example

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This paper will explore how the extinction of the Bengal tigers will affect the food chain and the surrounding species in India.First,the paper will look into how this sub species is under constant threat of extinction and then have a deep insight into what might result from extinction of Bengal Tigers…
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Implication of Extinction of Bengal Tigers
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Extract of sample "Implication of Extinction of Bengal Tigers"

Download file to see previous pages The Bengal tigers were once very common across Asia from Turkey to the west to the Eastern coast of Russia but have greatly reduced in the past 100 years and now remain in few Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Indonesia where they still face constant threat of extinction (Bhattarai & Kindlmann, 2012). Some cultures in Asia believe that powdered tiger bones have medicinal value and this has been one of the reasons for the poaching of tigers in India to get their bones. The other reasons for poaching of Bengal tigers is to get their Skin, teeth, skin, and claws which are in great demand in Asia. The tiger habitat is also at great risk due to human activities including conversion of forests into agricultural land, commercial tree logging and human settlement, which is greatly affecting the survival of tigers. Depletion of prey is also a factor contributing to the extinction of Bengal Tigers, as there are increased tiger attacks on livestock and humans resulting to intolerance of tigers from the surrounding communities in India (Borthakur, et al., 2011). The extinction of Bengal Tigers in India will, however, have strong and far-reaching consequences on biodiversity in India. This is because the disruption or elimination of one element from a fragile ecosystem causes an imbalance that not only affects the food chain but also the local communities and also other species that share the tiger habitat (Bhattarai & Kindlmann, 2012). Kindlmann, 2012). This is in agreement with what the Nobel laureate and environmentalist, Prof Wangari Mathai, once said that nature is very unforgiving and if you destroy nature, it will destroy you. The tiger being a carnivore is at the top of the food chain in all its habitats and helps to keep the population of its prey, most of which are vegetarians, such as the deer, antelopes, and wild pigs in check. If the tigers get extinct, the population of these animals will grow uncontrollably resulting into an imbalance (Chapron et al., 2008). The increased population of these vegetarian would ravage the vegetation in the forest and this would make the place inhabitable for small animals and insects. The insects would then move to the farmland, which would greatly effect on vital food sources that human beings depend on for survival thus negatively affecting on human population. If vegetation can no longer grow in the jungle, the soil in the jungle would soon lose its fertility and eventually the jungle would lose its life to become a wilderness. The extinction of the Bengal Tigers in Indian forests will also lead to co extinction of other species in the forests. First, the tiger being on top of the food chain helps other animals such as birds and reptiles get food when it catches a prey. When a tiger has eaten its fill for instance from a prey, it abandons the rest which become food to the scavengers and other animals suc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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