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Global Strategies to Eliminate Hunger - Essay Example

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Global Strategies to Eliminate Hunger
In the last six decades, food security has been an international crisis irrespective of increased advancements in the technological and financial sectors. …
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Global Strategies to Eliminate Hunger
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Download file to see previous pages According to the World Food program (2013), food security is a situation where a household has access to food for consumption. Most developed countries such as the United States of America, and China have highly invested in ways to ensure availability food supply to their population (Shapouri, 2010). They ensure that their household s do not live in fear of starvation. Finances have been channeled to projects and researches to help in the production of better strains of agricultural products. Technologically, laboratories and other research institution have been issued with state of the art technology to provide hybrids for most crops. This ensures food security, which involves storage of surplus foods in case of any risks. These risks involve economic meltdowns, natural disasters, and wars. Storage of surplus foods for the future ensures a country’s self-sufficiency (Shapouri, 2010). On the other hand, developing and non-developed countries have also started initiatives and programs to help increase food production (Lawrence, Lyons & Wallington, 2010). This has been implemented through financial and technological help from the already developed countries. However, even with this set initiatives, there have been increased cases of hunger and starvation. This is mostly evident in third world countries. Efforts to guarantee food security in most countries have had several setbacks irrespective of increased technological know-how and financial aids. ...
For example, in Sudan, conflicts in Darfur region have lasted for a decade and led to displacements of millions of people. This has led to demand for extra food since the camps are in non-productive area. In some situations during war, the enemy may destroy the food reserves to cause defeat. To eradicate hunger in this situation, avoiding wars may prevent hunger since individuals will invest in other ideas to increase food production. Wars and civil conflicts may lead individual governments to channel more funds into purchasing armory and paying military (Peacock, 2012). In case wars are stopped, the funds could be used to invest in new and advanced ways of agricultural production. Moreover, global peace facilitate efforts geared to eradicate hunger rather than countries seeking to advance war ammunitions. Increased diseases such as HIV Aids, cancer, malnutrition have also contributed to cases of hunger and starvation (Lawrence, Lyons & Wallington, 2010). These diseases are mostly found in under developed countries due to poverty. Deaths from the diseases lead to loss of labor that provides psychical and mental work force in agricultural farms. In counties such as those in Africa, there are higher mortality rates due to the increased spread of HIV Aids, which leave most of the children as orphans. With increased medical bills, there are reduced funds to purchase and invest in food security. This increases the rates of hunger and starvation in these countries. The economies also suffer a fall in the countries’ Gross National Product due to increased funds being allocated health services. Focusing on how to reduce mortality rates due to major diseases will lead to an increased and strong work force. Investing in agriculture with the labor force will increase the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Strategies to Eliminate Hunger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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