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Global Health Strategies and Diversity Awareness - Research Paper Example

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Global Health Strategies and Diversity Awareness: Deva-Marie Beck Name of of University Global Health Strategies and Diversity Awareness: Deva-Marie Beck Deva-Marie Beck is an extraordinary individual who has taken nursing to a higher ground. She not only thinks about nursing in her area, but she strives to help people all over the world come together in one voice and one consciousness to build a better world…
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Global Health Strategies and Diversity Awareness
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Download file to see previous pages In the rest of this paper, I will reflect on the experience using the Bold and John’s model that was provided in class. Stage 1: Return to the Experience In reflecting on the experience, I understood that the eight goals that are provided are easy for anyone to imagine. According to Beck (2011), the goals are as follows: That poverty and hunger is eliminated so that everyone has plenty of food to meet their needs and has a job that pays well and works well for them. That all children have the opportunity to learn and study all over the world. That women and girls are allowed to bring forward all they can in the world. That people experience vibrant health and everyone can afford to have healthcare. That mother and their babies have clean environments in which to have their babies no matter where they are in the world. That people suffering from diseases like Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis are free of these diseases across the world. That people become more concerned with the environment and begin to take more responsibility for how they individually work with the environment. ...
This was a breath-taking speech to me because it showed that one person could do many things in the world by just focusing their attention on these things. I have personally done this in my own life and found that it is rewarding so I could see how focusing around the world on these eight issues could bring about a better world. I decided that I wanted to learn more about the experience. Stage 2: Attend to Feelings At first, I felt that Beck had a good idea, but I did not understand how this could actually be helpful. I decided to look for more information about her and her work. In an article by Beck, Dossey and Kines (2007) a broader explanation of what Beck is attempting to accomplish was revealed. I learned that Beck is attempting to look at the work of Florence Nightingale in nursing. The authors pointed out that there were several countries around the word that see Nightingale’s work as something to be revered. Beck and Dossey decided that there needed a global understanding of what Nightingale had done and how nurses today could continue what Nightingale started. I was able to develop very good feelings about this project and I felt that I wanted to be a part of it by taking her pledge. I cannot say that I have experience in anything like this, but I can say that it is a good idea. I did not have negative feelings at all when thinking about this because it is a very simple concept. I think that nurses must strive to be the best they can and to help their patients in any way possible. I think that this idea is a good idea because many times, the nurses are holding the example of perfect health for the people they are helping. If one can visualize this on a greater basis, we could possibly heal the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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