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Air Pollution Controlling for industrial cities in Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example

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Strategies for Pollution Control: A Case of Saudi Arabia Name Institution Strategies for Pollution Control: A Case of Saudi Arabia Abstract The basic and fundamental purpose of this study is to analyze and evaluate current practices to control environmental decay and air pollution in Saudi Arabia…
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Air Pollution Controlling for industrial cities in Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages The idea of nationalism should be abandoned and the concept of global citizenship should be embraced in order to solve the problems of humanity. The corporate entities are also required to practice the idea of green production and will also have to use alternative and eco-friendly energy sources. As a last resort the humanity should find ways for leaving Earth as its environment will decay beyond repair. The NASA along with main economic powers of the world is trying to perfect space travel technology for resettlement of humanity on some other planet. Conclusively if all the methods of controlling global warming and aerial pollution then humanity may have to revert towards the simpler life that must be spent in underground tunnels because in a few generations the Earth's surface may become inhabitable. However in the light of whole discussion the simpler life will be the best one for humans. Introduction The modern era of the 21st century has been facing the challenge of controlling pollution. The fundamental reason for environmental degradation is believed to be growing number of green-house gases in the atmosphere. These lethal gases are however the byproducts of state of the art production technologies. The humanity has abandoned natural way of living and initiated to use vehicles and factories for transportation and production respectively. Yet aforementioned technological interventions are the most noted sources of pollution. The increasing pollution is also considered as one the most significant causes of degrading health standards because harmful gases such as carbon monoxide when introduced into the human body can cause lung cancer and other respiratory issues (Brunekreef, Janssen, Hartog, Harssema, Knape, & Vliet, 1997). These gases are also causing the ozone layer to thicken that hinders exhalation of ultraviolet rays. Thus, these gases are contributing significantly towards aggravating the phenomenon of global warming. The sense of environmental betterment is quite prevalent in developed nations of the world. But less enlightened nations are not largely bothered by the presence and expansion of environmental decay. In recent years nonetheless researchers from underdeveloped countries are emphasizing the notion of policy development in order to control and manage environmental deformation. According to a sensitive calculation, it was found that in the next 150 years the planet Earth will become uninhabitable because of global warming. Moreover the destructive forces are already starting to set in as glaciers are melting and therefore hurricanes and flooding are increasing in all parts of the world. Furthermore the nature of problems identified in the preceding paragraph is international and due to this reason nations are suggested to pool their resources in order to fight the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. The time is believed to be near when humans will be forced to revert towards simpler existence in order to save their skin. According modern research caves and underground tunnels are significantly immune to the effects of global warming and therefore if everything fails against global warming and pollution then humans may have to take shelter in caves. The typical corporate mindset of profit maximization has played a significant role in enhancing the demon of global warming. In the past and present the businessmen remained concerned with profit that compelled them to harm the natural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Air Pollution Controlling for Industrial Cities in Saudi Arabia Research Paper.
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