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Web portal. Solving environmental issues in the society - Essay Example

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This research proposal is about the web portal. A web portal is a very effective tool to inculcate knowledge about the environmental science. People connect with one another to form a learning community using web portals…
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Web portal. Solving environmental issues in the society
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Download file to see previous pages This research proposal is about the web portal. A web portal is a very effective tool to inculcate knowledge about the environmental science. People connect with one another to form a learning community using web portals. The portal serves as platforms where all the information, resources, and expert in the field of environmental science can be accessed. The portal is a full time available source of information that helps in the growth of the learning community as they engage in discussions, exchange views, and conduct activities that promote environmental learning. Online document libraries available in the portal are constantly updated with latest research findings. Simulation of real life environment is also made available through the web portal. Introduction The research proposal is aiming at establishing a web portal that will be accessible to the students and the community. The portal is aimed at solving basic environmental issues that affects the society. The portal will contain social services for people to interact and provide their views concerning environmental degradation and means of improvement. The portal will also contains graphs, maps, and pictures of the surrounding community to help understand environmental challenges affecting the society. There will be need to locate areas of collecting relevant data and information for the portal. Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR) has previously engaged in managing a Nitrous Oxide research database that was made available to the community for research purpose on its effects on grains. The project was delivered by use of open source research data and management system that allowed people to post tier comments concerning Nitrous Oxide. To date ISR has managed to deliver comprehensive data management systems to the public that helps in dealing with environmental issues in Australia. Statement of the Problem There have been increased environmental concerns about the sharp decline in environmental care and preservation. People are cutting down trees hence destroying water catchment areas. Human are also responsible for draining toxic substances and chemicals in rivers, lakes, and other lager water bodies hence leading to destruction of aquatic life. There is also the habit of human encroachment on gazetted forests due to increasing human population. There has also been evidence of global warming that have changed weather patterns in the world due to heavy production of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. These are just but few problems that affect the environment. For this purpose, this research proposal aims at solving the following researchable questions. How to design a web portal that will highlight all the environmental problems and provide solutions Where to collect and receive relevant data and information on environment for the web portal How the portal management will be able to deal with diverse large and high speed data How the site will be able to conduct large research from diverse and multiple origins and on how much larger spatial and temporal scales Purpose of the study The research is about designing an educational web portal that will give interactive insights on how to tackle environmental issues in the community and the world at large. The web portal will be designed with the help of ISR who have experience in managing data bases for environmental issues. Their design will incorporate ability to provide relevant updates and methods of collecting and conducting research on multiple and larger temporal scale. Objectives The following are the objectives for the research proposal Provide the fastest means of communication to students and the society concerning environmental science Provide history and background on environmental science especially on land degradation Provide accessible data bases with a lot of data that is raw and collected on up to date basis Provide simulations to enable the students to make their own comparisons and come up with their own conclusions Hypothesis The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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