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The future of green energy in China
The past and present of green energy in China
China has been accused of being the world leader in emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere among other pollutants. …
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Will business save the planet
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Download file to see previous pages In the recent decade, energy requirements have risen considerably (Economic Intelligence Unit). More important is the conservation of energy to secure the safety and energy sustainability of its future generation. This entails utilizing renewable energy sources that do not contribute to pollution (reasons for using renewable resources). Complete utilization of renewable energy sources, as opposed to non-renewable sources will ensure pollution emissions are reduced to minimum levels thereby conserving the ozone layer (HAVC System). One of the development objectives of China is to foster the growth of wind and solar companies (ACORE). Non-renewable energy is bound to get depleted in the near future. Investing in the non-renewable energy is an appropriate method to alleviate the risk of running out of non-renewable energy. Hence China has secured its place as the world leader in growing its green energy. Approximately a quarter of the world green energy is found in China. Between 2005 and 2010, wind turbines have been constructed at a fast rate in China (Economic Intelligence Unit). China has established itself as an “economic superpower” and is also striving to be the world leader in utilizing green energy. China is no doubt becoming the world’s leader in the exploitation of green energy sources. While, the USA, which is the current leader in green energy investment, is losing momentum in investing in green energy, China is making big strides in exploiting green energy. Hence China is bound to be ranked number one in tapping and exploiting green energy resources. These vibrant efforts made by China have caught the attention of investors like Bloomerg New Energy Finance and Germany among other investors, which contribute to China’s green energy capital (Silverstein 1). China’s efforts to strive to be a leader in utilizing green energy have been become apparent to international stakeholders who can assist China to achieve its energy goals. This assistance could be in the form of financial support or technological research on how to convert green energy to a usable form. In a bid to further its green energy agenda, China is getting rid of companies that utilize non-renewable energy resources. Between 2005 and 2010, China decommissioned power companies that were inefficient in terms of power consumption and this trend is also set to continue. China is also abolishing those companies that contribute to air pollutant emissions (“China’s action on climate change,” 1). Abolishing companies that utilize non-renewable energy sources is a sure way to minimize pollution emissions and attain total green energy dependence. Among the green energy conversion technologies that have gained the most recognition in terms of financing include solar power technologies with the top markets being China, Europe and the United States. However, the United States is losing its grip as the world leader in attracting investments for green energy due to lack of governmental commitment in green energy efforts (Silverstein 1). This shows that China is committed to converting to green energy exploitation. This is shown by the enormous financial investments it is the direction towards green energy. Such is the commitment that will set at the top of the list of the world’s leaders in green energy investment. Other countries that have shown considerable efforts in investing in green energy include Italy, Brazil and India (Silverstein 1). The future of Green Energy in China In China’s 12th 5 year plan, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions was given priority, showing China’s change in attitude towards green ene ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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