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Planetary Science Will the Rover lead us to finding life or us humans living on Mars sometime - Research Paper Example

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Space engineers have made constant space explorations that aim at changing the perspectives of many people concerning the existence of life on the planet Mars. The space explorations have taken scientists almost forty years up to date. The space explorations provide some light…
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Planetary Science Will the Rover lead us to finding life or us humans living on Mars sometime
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Extract of sample "Planetary Science Will the Rover lead us to finding life or us humans living on Mars sometime"

Download file to see previous pages In 1971 may on 30th, mariner 9 took off from the earth to Mars on an Atlas Centaur rocket. It managed to arrive there in November the same year and started orbiting round the Red Planet. This was the first greatest achievement by the American manmade spaceship object to rotate around another planet. In this view, human beings had added a manmade satellite to another world. Following the American success, the Soviet Union also sent their two spaceships to Mars. These were Mars two and Mars three which achieved Martian orbit. This marked a constant desire to make more discoveries on the Red Planet and in three weeks, it had become a hotspot scientifically. The orbiting around Mars started changing human perspective about the solar system as a whole2.
Spaceship has provided information concerning the family of planets indicating them to be strange and exotic than many people expected. In this regard, mars produced many surprises than any other solar system family. Mariner 9 indicated that Mars poses the biggest canyon and the largest mountain together with ancient streams and riverbeds. These discoveries were made from different sites on the Planet. The findings have been verified and explored in great details. Succeeding probes continue to sustain hopes that scientists might find signs of life on another planet just like the Earth3.
Mars is still a fascinating place for humanity after forty years of research although; the investigation has proved to be a rocky business. According to Oxford astronomer, Professor Fred Taylor, Mars exploration story has been a true rollercoaster. Taylor closely worked with Nasa on several missions on Mars. He mentioned that the results of the explorations were different. Other results proved that there exists life on the planet4. On the other hand, some results proved the efforts to find life on the planet to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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