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Challenge in United States Space Policy Name Institution Important of public policy challenge In 2004, the United States of America president comes up with a new policy for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and America Civil Space Program. The core aim of the policy was to address the persistent environmental challenges and space development complications in the country…
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Policy study
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Challenge in United s Space Policy Important of public policy challenge In 2004, the United s of America president comesup with a new policy for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and America Civil Space Program. The core aim of the policy was to address the persistent environmental challenges and space development complications in the country. The policy was also intended at designing and building a replacement for the space shuttle by 2008. The National Aeronautics and Spaces was therefore compelled to undertake an instance reset of its priority, incorporate scientific findings in their work and undertakes intensive environmental researches to facilitate the program. Therefore, the challenge United States of America policy necessitated intensive researches to address environmental complications in the country (Jared. and Joshua, 2007) Background The ability of Soviet Union to manufacture a satellite in 1957 raised an alarm to United States of America who believed to be the world leader in missile development and space technology. To counter the threat, United States of America instituted mechanisms and institutions to safeguard its superiority in space technology. In early 1970, the United States of America had instituted various plans to access Mars and other universe spaces. The process of exploring the environment was very intensive in 1990s. The country achieved significant success in its space exploration in the late 1990s. However, the government has encountered consistent problem in funding some of its programs. In 2004, the then united state of America President George Bush approved a policy that was meant to expand the country’s competence on space exploration. However, the policy encountered consistent challenge and critics from various professionals and environmental experts. To ensure the success of the policy United States of America have come up with measures to fund the activities and operations of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a body that is mandated with undertaking researches on space exploration) (George and Neal, 2009) Underlying Causes The main challenge in the implementation of the United States of America space policy is consistent disapproval of the programs by various professionals, political elites, and legal experts. The Democratic Party has consistently condemned the policy terming it as costly and unproductive. The cost of implementing the programs is extremely high. Therefore, lack of adequate resources has turned out to be a major challenge that tampers with full implementation of the policy. Moreover, the expected shortfalls in the United States engineering and science workforces have significantly affected the policy. The fourth core cause of the challenges in United States of America space policy inadequate future planning in NASA as well as United States civil space initiatives. The loss of international support and cooperation is also another main challenge in addressing the environmental challenges in United States of America. Policy Options Searching for support from all players is one of the main means of solving the policy challenge. The United States of America Republican Party ought to enlighten the Democratic Party members on the significance of the policy to the country’s environmental development and reputation. Political elites should as well have the political will to address the emerging policy challenges in the country. Moreover, for the policy to realise its long-term plan, it ought to be fully equipped with the necessary resources. As a result, it is the responsibilities of all stakeholders in United States of America to ensure that the policy is provided with the required financial, legal and technical support. International support is as well incredibly essential in addressing challenges in United States space policy. The United States of America government ought to seek support from other international governments to avoid unnecessary resistance (Joan, 2007) Solution In general, the most effective means of addressing policy challenge in United States of America is to facilitate extensive consultation between all players. It is the responsibility of the government and other involved players to ensure that, stakeholders understand the importance of the policy on the environment and on economic development. International government and non-government institutions should as well be included in the formulation, execution, and evaluation of the policy. Political leaders therefore need to have a political will and commitment to initiate comprehensive dialogues and consultation to reduce unnecessary resistance. Based on the severe impact of the policy challenges, inclusion of all players as well as extensive internal and external consultation is the most effective means of addressing the policy challenge in United States America. Consultation will help the United States government to update stakeholders and the public on the importance of the policy to their environmental and economic development. Consultation will provide a platform for the critics of the policy to express their disappointment to the relevant authority for immediate action. Interaction will also advance the feeling of ownership among all players in the environment sector. Involving international players through intensive consultation and cooperation will as well play a very essential role in necessitating effective implementation of the policy. References George A., and Neal L., (2009) United States Space Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Cambridge, Mass: American Academy of Arts and Sciences Jared L. and Joshua A. (2007), Identifying Space Industrial Base Issues, El Segundo, Calif: The Aerospace Corporation Joan J., (2007). Space as a Strategic Asset. New York, NY: Columbia University Press Read More
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