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This paper points out the importance of environmental problems such as water contamination because of oil spill. Human life is badly affected where they have to go through physical problems which include damaging human parts and organs, heart, liver and many other diseases are caused…
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Oil Spill Effect on Environment and Community
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper examines one environmental factor that can have an adverse effect not only on the environment but also on the entire community. Talking about oil spills, it causes long term damages along with a lot of small damages which affect the entire environment. Some damages can also last for years. Oil which is spilled by tankers with damaged oil rigs and pipelines ends up in coating everything which is touched by it causing a bad affect on the entire ecosystem. Oil slick which is taken out of the large oil spills and is basically touching the beach along with the coats of oil and the entire sand and rocky area is touched by it as well. There are grasses and plants which will then absorb the oil marshes which are along the coastal area along with forests and wetlands are damaged and it will cause a lot of bad effects on the wildlife and the entire environment. When oil is not floating on the water surface and is basically sinking inside the marine environment the delicate ecosystem which is based underground is badly affected. Many fishes and also smaller organisms which are a very important part of the food chain are contaminated and are badly affected. Oil Spills end up in damaging the marshlands, marine ecosystem along with the entire beach area. There are many efforts and also remedies which end up in taking care of the environment however in spite of that many concerns and cases still exist. Sea mammals have to face a lot of problems and many of them end up in creating problems for the next generations....
oil is spilled near them and it can have deadly results for the birds, their feather are covered with oil which makes flying extremely difficult for them. The insulation process along with the water proofing is also affected badly and it ends up in giving rise to the hypothermia along with overheating. Oil is basically affected by the birds in the race of protecting their feathers which then badly damage the internal organs of the birds and it is also sometimes fatal for the birds (Effects of Oil Spills, 2012). Oil Spills are not only causing dreadful affects on the fish, forest, marine life and birds but it is also killing marine mammals badly. Whales, seals, sea otters and dolphins are few mammals which are badly affected. Holes of these animals are sometimes blown which ends up in making the breathing process extremely difficult for them along with badly damaging the communication process of these mammals. Hypothermia is caused to these mammals if their feather are fully covered and coated by the oil spill. Food supply of these mammals is badly affected and due to this oil spill the mammals can die and they also face extremely bad affects. The effects are not just for that particular time but they last for a longer time which causes death of many sea mammals later on as well (National Public Radio : News & Analysis, 2011) The growth rate of these mammals is affected badly along with some other smaller species being damaged badly as well. Eggs of the fish and larvae are exposed to the oil which ends up in increasing the death rate of the fishes which are an important part of the marine life. These fishes and the eggs which are covered with the oil die and even if some survive at that time their death is certain and the damaged fishes and the marine animals cannot be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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