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Environmental Change and its Protection - Essay Example

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Environmental Change and its Protection Professor number Environmental Change and its Protection Cleaning up the environment requires a lot of effort, much more than what is being put in to this field at this point of time…
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Environmental Change and its Protection
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Download file to see previous pages There are organizations in most countries that operate on a non-profit basis for the betterment of various elements of the earth. Progress on this front, is however, often slow as funds are mostly limited. This paper shall look at how people can make a difference in their own homes and in school. These two areas are inter-linked and what one learns at school is essentially what one also seeks to implement at home and vice-versa. As children need to be trained regarding the protection of the environment, it is important that what is done in these two places and what can be done in these two places is analysed and changes proposed. In most homes, while children go to school, they are provided with lunches in brown bags. This is a potential area for change and the paper that is saved when one takes the number of bags that children all over the United States of America take to school into account. What, one may ask, is the alternative to sending such packaged meals? The answer lies in reusable containers that would not require more and more paper to be consumed. This would result in the reusing of certain elements and would also prevent the cutting down of trees that happen so as to create the paper bags that are used to package lunches. To make such activities more entertaining for the children, it may be useful to create reusable boxes that are more colorful and presentable. These boxes would also help prevent children from having to carry packaged fruit which can then be placed within the box. This is also a healthier option as far as dietary habits are concerned (Younes, 2012). In many schools, obsolete materials are allowed to lie around the premises. Disposal of this waste would be the first step towards creating a clean and environment-friendly society. This would require infrastructure that would enable a quick and efficient disposal of such material that would not be very costly for the person who disposes of it. Incentives may be offered to the school or society that seeks to dispose of its waste in such a manner. Such incentives would keep the schools and societies on the lookout for opportunities for funds from the government or agencies that may then channel the resource in a commercially viable manner. The materials that are collected can be recycled and they can be sold back into the community leading to more funds for an industry that could be dependent on saving the environment. Recycling is also at this point of time in history, in the United States of America, an aspect of the society that is funded and accepted by the state as an area of priority. This makes the use of the elements of the environment in a sustainable way easier for the common man as he or she is aware of the fact that they have a partner who is willing to share the load financially. The support that the government of America provides for the movement is financial and also moral. It is also bureaucratic in so much so that it enables a quick transition from the stage of idea to that of reality (Obama, 2010). For instance, the idea that has been discussed in this paper, that of the transition to reusable boxes that lunch can be carried in to school from paper bags can be quickened up through legislative intervention. For instance, the rates of paper bags can be increased while the taxes on reusable goods can be reduced. Apart from this, incentives can be offered to areas that record a large increase in the amount that they have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Change and Its Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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