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1. Is there is a common reason for the absences? Explain. Yes, there is a common reason for the absences of the students. Both schools showed that students who were absent had common reason for these absences. The two schools posted stomach ache as the common sickness…
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Assignment on Hypothesis
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Is there is a common reason for the absences? Explain. Yes, there is a common reason for the absences of the Both schools showed that students who were absent had common reason for these absences. The two schools posted stomach ache as the common sickness. The students also had similar illnesses such as headache, vomiting diarrhea and fever. In Truman Middle School Band Class, 9 out of 10 students were sick and all of them were suffering with stomach ache. Aside from this, of the 9 students who were sick with stomach ache, one-third of the students suffered headache (3 out of 9 students), 3 out of 9 suffered with diarrhea, another 3 students experienced vomiting and 3 of the 9 sick students also had fever. Jackson Middle School Band Class also experience the same fate with 7 out of 8 absent students suffered the same illness of stomach ache. 57% of these sick students experienced headache, 2 out 7 had diarrhea, 3 of them acquired fever while one of them vomited. 2. Come up with two testable, clear hypotheses about what you think is behind the absences. Be sure to base your hypotheses on the evidence you have obtained (e.g., Health Department Restaurant Inspections) and be thorough in your explanation of who, what, why, when, and how to support your hypotheses. Hypothesis 1: The students suffered from food poisoning which causes their absences in school. Food poisoning can be acquired through different contaminants and the amount of intake. It is also noted that symptoms of food poising will appear in as early as 30 minutes or as late as days or weeks after the contamination. Most common symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnominal cramping or stomach pain and fever (Cunha, n.d.). According to the interview, not all the students felt the symptoms after the band competition event, some suffered these symptoms the next day. This illness can run from 24-48 hours. The students can easily acquire this illness through “noroviruses” which is noted to be the most common cause of food poisoning transmitted from water, shellfish and vegetables contaminated by feces. Food poisoning outbreak is common to schools and other populated areas. The students came from the band competition which can be the main source of virus or contaminated food or drinks. Hypothesis 2: The students suffered from viral gastroenteritis causing their successive absences. Viral gastroenteritis is an illness described as an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, small and large intestines considered to be highly contagious and very common. This is one of the most common causes of diarrhea. There is no major complication on this illness unless affected persons suffer dehydration. Anyone can get viral gastroenteritis such as the students of Truman Middle School Band Class and Jackson Middle School Band Class. This illness can be transmitted from person to person thus any child can acquire this illness in populated places because infected people can contaminate surfaces, objects, food and drinks especially if they do not wash hands after using the bathroom (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). This illness can be easily transmitted by shaking hands or by touching the person. The virus can also become airborne if the affected person vomited. Viral gastroenteritis can occur in households, child settings, schools, camps and populated areas. 3. Come up with six testable questions that you could ask to help further your investigation and support or disprove your hypotheses. What was the last activity you did before you got sick? Did you eat or drink before going home? What did you eat or drink before, during and after the activity? Did you mingle with anyone who is sick or infected with any illness? Did you use any public restroom or bathroom? 4. Is the following statement a suitable hypothesis: "The Brentwood Indians basketball team lost the state championship because there is bad stuff in the stars happening with Mars in Aquarius"? Explain why or why not. The statement is not a suitable hypothesis. Hypothesis is an educated guess or a proposed explanation to a certain situation or incident. It must be something testable and answerable through observation and experimentation which conclude the hypothesis. The said statement is improvable because it involves vague proposed explanation of happenings in two planets. References: Cunha, J., (n.d.). Food Poisoning. Retrieved July 15, 2012 from Viral Gastroenteritis (n.d.). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved July 15, 2012 from Read More
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