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Lack of Family Integration in Patient Treatment Name Institution Lack of Family Integration in Patient Treatment Introduction According to the Phil Baker tidal model, there are various instances that can be used to treat a patient, especially when affected with mental illness (Baker and Buchanan-Barker, 2005)…
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Second paper
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Download file to see previous pages Baker succinctly elucidates on the favorable commitment that should be used by a family to ensure their family member is of sound health (Baker and Buchanan-Barker, 2005). Therefore, the paper will give the initial commitments that are involved during family integration, in accordance to the Baker theory (Baker and Buchanan-Barker, 2005). This means that there are various steps that are used by a family in ensuring their close family member is responding positively to treatment. In the end, the family will appreciate positive results as the affected person will have a positive reaction to treatment. Though the affected person may not be fully reverted to normal health, he or she will be in a positive mode when there is increased positive reaction from the family members. This reflects on the positivity of using family integration in treatment of mentally retarded people in the family. Belief and Metaparadigms In Baker’s perspective, there is a belief that nursing is a profession that denotes people with a caring notion and have responsibility of the patients in their midst. Baker states that, nursing ensures that there is an amicable solution to the illness or disease, reflecting a healing to the affected person. ...
There is no need to pay the family for the services that are offered. In addition to this, this theory refers to the positivity of the inception of the practice. The negative side is not considered as it may affect the use of the process. Since time immemorial, the tidal theory has been used and records plausible results, hence the reliance on the theory. Personal philosophy Baker states that development in the current world strongly depends on evidence-based treatment. The mental health is a considerable focal point that should be treated with evidence based treatment (Baker and Buchanan-Barker, 2005). Continuous reflection on the mental health of a person is therefore a guarantee to sound health. According to Baker, the family is the basic group in a community that has close relationship to each other. The family is the basic interaction that involves people with a connection, as either in blood or adoption. Therefore, they are in the best point of having a close connection to each other. This is partially due to the blood and other connection. However, the family becomes a basic interaction as the people are in a daily basis of connecting to each other (Rose-Ackerman, 1982). In essence, the family spends most of their time bonding with each other. This involves sharing meals, playing together and teaching each other mannerisms. This philosophy makes each of the families connected in most of their activities. This calls for a caring and responsible family unit that will give the best treatment to all the family members, though there could be absence of any disease. In recent times, philosophy dictates that families are a growing unit, as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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