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Analysis of the 2nd Chapter of The Aesthetics of the Natural Environments - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Aesthetics of Natural Environment Chapter 10 of this books talks generally about the interaction of the environment, the natural resources and its transformation through different ways especially architecture. It explains how the architecture has in the recent years become very popular and interesting for human beings…
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Analysis of the 2nd Chapter of The Aesthetics of the Natural Environments
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the 2nd Chapter of The Aesthetics of the Natural Environments"

Download file to see previous pages During the past ages the nature of the environment was quite comforting as it portrayed a particular unique beauty. According to the information from this chapter, the appreciation of the authentic environment is much different from the past centuries, and the nature of the environment is being transformed and replaced by art. Authentically it is said that the structures being constructed on the natural environment were initially meant to be helpful to the human beings and they were supposed to be constructed without much interference of the natural structure of the location of the constructions (Carson & Berleant, 2007). The chapter also explains how in countries such as the United States of America, so many constructions have been erected by the architectures and the building are no longer serving their purpose because it has reached an extent where people are now very uncomfortable living in those particular structures. The chapter also explains that some of the constructions being put up in the present century are being exaggerated in such a way that a person may fail to tell from far whether the building is a church, a mall or a house. It is explained in the chapter that today's buildings are constructed in a way that portrays a different picture of what the building is meant to represent. According to the author of this book, constructions should be designed to match its purpose and that the design features should be able to go together with its use. There are several considerations that should be looked into also before the constructions and these include the space, the lighting, the sounding system, and the construction surfaces among other thing (Carson & Berleant, 2007). This chapter also explains how the environment is closely related to human beings, and wants to make the reader understand that the environment is very compatible with the human being. It goes on to explain the relationship between the environment’s nature and the human beings. That the environment has many positive impacts on human life and the way it can have negative impacts too depending on how they associate with each other. The environment has everything to do with human beings and, therefore, whatever is constructed in it will always be because of them. For that reason, then it is explained in the chapter how constructions should be put up after investigations have been made which ensure how comfortable the environment is. Therefore, the environment is constructed by architectures according to their desired designs to attract and please the eyes of the users and at the same time the environment where the construction is taking place should be checked carefully and considerations made to ensure the comfort of the users. The chapters are all about the constructions being put up in the natural environment and how they should be done selectively. That the surroundings of the people living within it or inside the constructions must be conducive (Carson & Berleant, 2007). However, the constructions being built anywhere should also be made in such ways that they do not interfere harshly with the environment. This is because the people who are to occupy the buildings will still need those natural resources within the environment. Constructions easily pollute and destroy the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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