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Mass Extinction - Case Study Example

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The current paper highlights that humans have the tendency to live their lives the way they desire, always making satisfaction the main priority. We, who claim to be the most intelligent beings on Earth, have been destroying our planet through every possible way…
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Mass Extinction
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Download file to see previous pages Life is seen through the eyes of a forever-existing mountain, which has witnessed wonders and ruins forming the current space we are living in today. As a part of this holistic ecosystem, it is our responsibility to respond to nature’s call. This paper sheds some light on this mass extinction by focusing on its causes to determine the effects brought about by this extinction to find out how a man should respond to this phenomenon, and why it is important for a man to act quickly. Sea turtles are inhabitants of all worlds’ oceans except for the Arctic and are referred to as marine reptiles. However, they have been listed as endangered, for their reproduction rate is so slow to cover up for its rapid decrease from the ecosystem due to man’s activities that threaten their survival. It is noteworthy that sea turtles play a significant responsibility to two ecosystems that are very important to the turtle’s themselves and to humans too. This is because in the seas they eat the sea grass that grows on the sea floor. This is very important, for they function to keep them short enough to avail breeding and development locations for many fish species as well as other marine life (Elewa, 34). The sea turtle’s meat, shell, and eggs ate so precious and form one of the main reason as to why man continue hunting them at an alarming rate. This has greatly reduced its numbers as St Catherine’s Sea Turtle Conservation program reports that the nesting levels of sea turtles today are less than one percent of those in 1947 (Leakey and Lewin, 46). This is an immense decline that calls for man's attention to reclaim these turtles. Therefore, to prevent the loss of this creature, fishing nets should be designed a way to allow for escape of turtles because if trapped in the net they are bound to drown. This is because they naturally come to the surface of the water to breathe, and if trapped, they don’t get the opportunity to do this. Beach development should also be monitored so that they do not encroach more into the water bodies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mass Extinction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Massive Extinction of Dolphins the limit. The study is normally based on imagery identification of dolphins through individually unique facets of their dorsal fins. This plays a major role in the forecasted mass extinction of dolphins. A majority of the dolphins could be recognized, and we utilize that data to approximate the population size (Sahtouris 107). Works Cited Andryszewski, Tricia. Mass Extinction: Examining the Current Crisis. Boston: Twenty-First Century Books, 2007 Berry, Adrian. Galileo and the dolphins. Michigan: Barnes & Noble, 2007 Epstein, Richard L. Degrees of Unsolvability: Structure and Theory, Issue 759. Boston: Springer, 1979 Martin, Paul, S. Twilight of the Mammoths: Ice Age...
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