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Mass Extinctions in the fossil record during End Permian - Research Paper Example

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Different theories have been fronted to explain some of the historical occurrences that happened prior to modern age. The end Permian period marks one of the most significant times in the history of existence of the universe. At the…
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Mass Extinctions in the fossil record during End Permian
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Extract of sample "Mass Extinctions in the fossil record during End Permian"

Download file to see previous pages What distinguishes the theories is their validity in empirical terms as well as relevance scientifically. The first significant theory alludes that at the time of the mass extinction of species occupying the earth, there could have been a very catastrophic occurrence of volcanic eruption. The magnitude of the volcanic eruption could have been so big that it ended up wiping out a significant proportion of the earth’s population. The other postulation alludes that a meteorite might have struck the earth thus instigating the death of different species that occupied it. What intrigues is the magnitude of catastrophe that could have wiped out almost all the species adorning the earth without causing a major damage to the earth’s crustal rock layers. Besides, the selectivity in the survival of the species also raises doubts in reference to the theories alluded to offer the explanation to the occurrence of the wipe out.
Evolutionary and archeological studies have pointed out to the possible occurrence of a period of a near extinction of all the species on the earth’s surface. This was irrespective of their habitat. This period is referred to as the end Permian time. The occurrences at the time have not been ascertained. The fact is that there have only been theories put forward to possibly try and explain the phenomena that occurred at the time. The following discourse puts the occurrences during the end Permian time into perspective. The focus is to try and critically analyses the occurrence of events during the time. In doing that, the works seeks to make references to theories postulated by scholars in regards to explaining the occurrence. The theories or stipulations are categorically selected depending on their relevance, accuracy, as well as empirical validity. The objective is to try and give a possible chronological account to the occurrence of the near extinction of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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