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Climate Change Mitigation - Research Paper Example

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Research Proposal on Climate Change Mitigation Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Abstract Climatic condition is a critical element in ensuring advancement of a sustainable environment capable of facilitating sound monetary and social aspects of existence. This proposal gives clear insight on climate change with categorical focus on preventive measures of severe climatic conditions…
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Climate Change Mitigation
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Extract of sample "Climate Change Mitigation"

Download file to see previous pages Its effects, importance and control procedures, are also evaluated to ensure that sufficient information is provided to various stakeholders to facilitate the development of effective mitigation approaches. Work schedule The following work schedule provides my work itinerary for successful completion of this project No Activity Completion Date 1 First research proposal 24TH Feb 2012 2 Approval by Supervisor 14th March 2012 3 Interview 16th March 2012 4 Library and electronic search 23rd March 2012 5 Final copy preparation 5th April 2012 6 Approval by the supervisor and presentation 28th April 2012 Literature Review Clear understanding of the effects of climatic changes is an imperative element towards building a vibrant future that embraces quality social and economic standards of life. Environmental dilapidation, which is caused by carbon and other toxic emissions to the atmosphere currently, poses a great challenge to the development of businesses due to increased cost of production with limited resources in the production chain (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2010). Adverse climatic changes cause immense dilapidation of natural resources, which is vital in developing a strong economy with cute social benefits. Governments and various organizations must sufficiently understand the need for preventing environmental degradation. This significantly occurs through reduction of green house emissions to the environment by major producing industries to ensure a safe environment, which supports social and financial ventures. As indicated by Locker & Kaczmarek (2010), mitigation of climatic changes is the process of providing necessary interventions towards reducing sources of green house gases. These causes require effective mitigation through clear-cut policies and development of stringent measures with an aim of preventing ethical environmental practices. According to Crawford, Davoudi & Mehmood (2009), understanding of the need to mitigate and prevent climatic adverse conditions is increasingly becoming a major impediment to most organizations. In business organizations, quality of goods produced relates to capacities and strengths provided by the operating environment, which is a basic factor, vital for organizational success. No corporation can effectively administer its trade successfully without proper management of its environment (Crawford et al, 2009). Hence, environmental factors have become an increasingly critical concern for most institutions where regardless of organizational size, environmental issues impacts profitability and general performance. The concept of ecological dilapidation directly affecting atmospheric changes has existed for quite a while. However, it is recently that its awareness has lead to the establishment of measures towards curbing climate issues. Authorities intending to conduct mitigation have made environmental apprehension critical for climate change mitigation (OECD, 2008). Forestation and deforestation are the most common activities associated with tackling these environmental challenges. This processes influence the intensity of concentration for green house gases (GHG) within the atmosphere. Therefore, climate change requires immediate solutions than can minimize the long-term shifts that may result to environmental degradation. Its impact in one area directly affects the whole planet, as climate is not confined. Climate mitigation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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