Effects of air and water pollution - Research Paper Example

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As the world urbanization and industrialization occur at a rapid rate, so does environmental pollution involving air and water quality pollution occur. Large amounts of potentially harmful emissions from industries around the globe find their way in to the atmosphere every single day…
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Effects of air and water pollution
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Download file to see previous pages As the world urbanization and industrialization occur at a rapid rate, so does environmental pollution involving air and water quality pollution occur. Large amounts of potentially harmful emissions from industries around the globe find their way in to the atmosphere every single day. Likewise, millions of tonnes of wastewaters containing potentially harmful pollutants find their way into water bodies and underground water aquifers. Several bodies have been initiated with the main aim of conserving environment. Some of these bodies in clued NEMA, Centre for Sustainable Development and others. In their efforts to conserve mainly air and water pollution, they have set by-laws in conjunction with countries’ municipalities to bid those involved (Reitze 13). Despite these continued endeavours, water and air pollutions increases each day. In fact, research shows that as technology changes, the pollution increases consequently increasing the effects (Hill 20). This paper discusses in depth the effects of air and water pollution to people resulting form environmental and technological changes. Poor air quality affects human health, damages crop and animal life, and degrades fragile ecosystems. The severity and impact depends on the quantity and concentration of pollutants, the duration of exposure and the susceptibility of the sensitive receptors. Inevitable is the impact of air pollution on human health. Never the less, equal attention is necessary for all other receptors that include the ecological and the built environments, besides human health. One of the generally recognized effects of air pollution is ill health and death. Although natural processes cause air pollution, manmade causes are the most prevalent and harmful causes (Gillespie 145). Manmade causes of air pollution include power generation activities, industrial production processes and the automobile activities. Tobacco smoking, combustion of solid fuels like wood, coal and charcoal, which household commonly use for cooking and warming houses are the leading causes of indoor air quality pollution (Reitze 45). Other sources of indoor air pollutants include paints, cleaning agents, detergents, pesticides, home appliances; furniture and air conditioning systems cause significant chemical and biological indoor air pollution. Combustion of fossil fuels is the leading source of air pollution, since it contains such pollutants like sulphur dioxide, fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone and volatile organic matter, all of which have profound adverse effects on humans (Chiras 52). Health effects of air pollution range from chronic effects to acute effects. Among these, are minor eye irritations, irritations on the upper respiratory system, chronic respiratory illnesses, lung cancer, heart problems and deaths resulting from suffocation and exposure to noxious gases in the air. Bronchitis in adults and acute respiratory problems resulting to chocking and suffocation in children are common effects of air pollution (Gillespie 108). For people with pre-existing lung and heart conditions, air pollution is a major cause of worsening conditions. For instance, among the asthmatics, air pollution increases the frequency and severity of attack, and accounts for many deaths among people with heart conditions (Harrop 52). Overall, long-term and short-term exposure to air pollutants lead to reduced life expectancies and premature deaths. The impact of air pollution on humans depends on the concentration of the pollutant, its type, duration and concentration of exposure, and individual vulnerability to lethal exposures. Predisposing factors like poverty, age; both old age and infants, and pre-existing health complications put people in increased danger of poisoning and serious effects of air pollution. For instance, poor urban communities usually reside in poorly ventilated house congested in small slum sharks, and more likely to use dirty fossil and biomass fuels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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