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Air Pollution 1.0 Introduction Pollution is one of the recent topics that had caught the attention of the community at large. In the simplest term, pollution occurs when there are harmful substances present on land, sea, and air. There are also many factors that cause pollution, which mostly include man-made activities…
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Air pollution
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"Air pollution"

Download file to see previous pages In this manner, the large particles emitted to the atmosphere settle on the ground, while the small particles are carried by the wind. Air pollution does not only damage the environment, but it also affects the health of the individuals in terms of skin and eyes irritation, and respiratory illness. Air pollution has been a concern of almost every individual in the world, and many are exerting effort in order to enact laws or individual awareness to end air pollution (“Air Pollution”). 3.0 Types of Air Pollution 3.1 Indoor Air pollution Air pollution occurs inside the houses, offices, schools, and other enclosed areas. Air pollutants indoor usually comes from cigarette or tobacco smoking, gases that come from stoves while cooking, chemicals, glue, and paint used in the building, and other hazardous fumes secreted by the materials of the building, and radon. Radon is considered as a radioactive gas which is emitted by decaying uranium rocks on the ground. Radon can easily be trapped in structures that are energy-efficient where hot or cool air is kept inside. Therefore, due to this high concentration of gases inside the structure, radon can easily be trapped inside and can cause harm to the people inside the building. Nonetheless, the ventilation of the structure also plays a vital role in contributing to indoor air pollution (Thakur 68). 3.2 Outdoor Air Pollution Outdoor pollution occurs when the air pollutants from the burning of gases by vehicles, power and business plants, burning of garbage are formed into gases and particles which then emitted to the atmosphere. Some of these activities emit lead and mercury, which are considered as heavy metals, which then result to the formation of smog. Smog is a result of the reaction gasoline and petroleum combustion to sunlight. This reaction then forms a brown-colored smoke that also results to the creation of different harmful gases. From these different gases, ozone is also formed, which is a harmful type of oxygen. Aside from smog, acid rain is also caused by air pollution. This occurs when nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide reacts with water vapor, which results to the production of nitric and sulfuric acid. The most common sources of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide are burning gas and oil by cars and factories (Thakur 68-69). 4.1 Effects of Air Pollution 4.1 Effects of Indoor Air Pollution Indoor air pollution can cause eye irritation, headache, skin irritation, and other health problems. Aside from this, if radon is inhaled in large amount, the person can also suffer from lung cancer. Sick building syndrome (SBS) can also occur if the air quality in a building is poor or low. SBS can elicit symptoms such as chills and fever, congestion of the chest, throat irritation, dry skin, and dizziness. These symptoms are not specific; therefore, these symptoms can also be caused by other ailments. However, an employee must seek an attention of a physician if the symptoms worsen during working shifts or hours and deteriorate after the shift of an employee (Thakur 68; Austin, Brimblecombe, and Sturges 90). 4.2 Effects of Outdoor Air Pollution Outdoor air pollution affects human beings and the environment. The short term effects of air pollution include pneumonia, irritation of the nose, skin, throat, and eyes, nausea, and headaches. Aside from this unpleasant odor from factories, garbage, clogged drainage systems also cause air pollution. On the other hand, the long-term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Air Pollution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Air Pollution
The atmosphere around us is made up of various different gases which have been mixed by nature in specific ratios to create a dynamic natural gaseous system which possesses the various vital characteristics necessary to support life on Earth. The disturbances created in the composition and physical characteristics of the atmospheric air by various air pollutants causes various threats to human health and the ecosystem.
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Environmental Issues: Air Pollution
Public opinion polls in the United States over the years consistently have noted a high level of concern over implementing air pollution controls to guarantee healthy air. The Clean Air Act of 1963 was an early Congressional response to the public demand for a federal assistance to solve a policy issue that originally was considered to be a state and local problem.
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Air pollution
New technologies need to be developed, alternatives need to be more accessible and convenient, employers need to be supportive, housing and development patterns need to be altered, and the public needs to be convinced to utilize
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Smog and air pollution
air pollution but Industries, from the days of the Revolution, continue to harm the eco-system by emitting carbon dioxide and other toxic gases that progressively create thick layers of smog in the air (Edlin & Golanty 2010). Smog is described as ‘hazardous combination of
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Air Pollution
Air pollution is measured in terms of the different pollutants that exist in different parts of the world. For example: the EPA which is an organization that monitors the air in the region of United States measures air pollution in regards to the prevalence of six common pollutants in different regions of United States (, 2014).
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Air Pollution in China
 The economic activities of production and consumption carried out in the Peoples Republic of China require the use of energy, and the use of energy affects the environment in the form of pollution which may be air pollution and emission of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming that affects all states in the international system. 
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Air Pollution
Continues to attract a heated discussion to date based on the dangers that it causes to the natural ecosystems. This paper discusses air pollution by defining it, explaining its causes, and
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Air Pollution
The increase in globalization and industrialization has brought about a climatic change not just at regional level but at a global level. Industrial activities have influenced air quality largely. The rapid rise in population and the demand of energy are the main causes behind the emission of toxic substance and gases being released into the atmosphere and hence causing major damages to the human society and the natural ecosystem.
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Injustice of air pollution
Air pollutants can either be classified as natural or may be as a result of various human activities like industrial operations. The industrial contamination can be viewed as a by-product of external combustion like smoke, dust, and sulfur oxides, or as a result of internal by-products like petrol and diesel.
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Air Pollution
To monitor and improve the air quality environmental agencies have been conducting comprehensive air-pollution monitoring and modeling over the last decades. Although these monitoring have helped to identify the potential unhealthy levels of air quality at specific areas, and the air quality in general has been improved for the past few years, air quality in some areas (such as Houston) fails to meet the Clean Air Act goal (Heidi et al., 2 - 20).
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