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Nature, life, ecology and habitat are basics of environmental studies and have been a subject of utmost importance to environment developing constituents of the U.S. They have taken different measures for the prevention of smog…
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Smog and air pollution
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Smog and air pollution Environment is a term given to our surroundings. Nature, life, ecologyand habitat are basics of environmental studies and have been a subject of utmost importance to environment developing constituents of the U.S. They have taken different measures for the prevention of smog and air pollution but Industries, from the days of the Revolution, continue to harm the eco-system by emitting carbon dioxide and other toxic gases that progressively create thick layers of smog in the air (Edlin & Golanty 2010).
Smog is described as ‘hazardous combination of sulfurous chemicals’ in the air. In the U.S, smog is formed owing to the action of sunlight on different chemicals present in the air that are released by vehicles, oil refineries and factories and because of this activity, the word photochemical smog was coined (Edlin & Golanty 2010). It not only harms the ecosystem, but also destroys the scenic beauty of the country by forming a dirty dense layer of fog above it (Nolen 2009). Air pollution and smog formation results due to many causes and leads to negative effects and thus effective solutions should be formulated to overcome this problem.
Smog is very hazardous for the health of the individuals. People living in these areas, suffer from memory loss or a stroke according to one of the publications of The Archives of Internal Medicine. A medical record reviewed by Wellenius who stated that between, 1991 and 2008, about 1,700 patients were admitted at a Medical Center in Boston because they were suffering from a stroke (Pittman 2012). Furthermore, Smog causes severe breathing problems by reducing the oxygen in the air that is from 21% to 16%, and increasing the level of carbon dioxide that makes the brain and body stop functioning. Asthma, bronchitis and cough are some other ailments found in the polluted areas of the United States (Edlin & Golanty 2010).
Air Pollution also affects the Earth by making it warm because of the greenhouse gasses (Carbon dioxide, Methane, and chlorofluorocarbons) it consists. Over the years, the government has taken many steps to reduce these gases in the air, Sulfur being one of the major ones as it is the main cause of acid rain (National Geographic 2012). To accomplish and overcome the problems of air pollution commitment to “science and law” has to be restored (Nolen 2009).
Many steps need to be taken for the reduction of air pollution for the betterment of the environment. People should limit their usage of cars, planes and recycle environment friendly products in order to contribute to the reduction of smog and air pollution. Their “carbon footprint’’ which is a term used for the level of carbon dioxide a person releases into the air, will be reduced. The government made an agreement between several countries to cut down on their emission of carbon dioxide. This agreement is known as the ‘Kyoto Protocol.’ Similar agreements should be formulated for correcting this issue (National Geographic 2012). According to Nolen, the International Maritime Organization should control emissions from ships by creating an ‘’emissions-control area’’ and to implement the Clean Air Act 1970 in order to control air pollution (Nolen 2009).
Air pollution is an environmental problem which is led to by many causes which include the emissions from industries and motor vehicles. It has deleterious effects on the health of the individuals as well the environment. Despite all these laws and solutions, government fails to control smog and air pollution as Industries and people continue to pollute the environment by emitting carbon dioxide. This issue is serious and people should analyze the importance of protection of their environment.
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