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An author of the essay " Pollution: Habitat of the Polar Bears" discusses the point that leads are actually canals or breaks of water all the way through ice and are found to stay free of ice resulting to only a few minutes or even for more than a few months…
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Pollution: Habitat of the Polar Bears
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Extract of sample "Pollution: Habitat of the Polar Bears"

Download file to see previous pages Leads are actually canals or breaks of water all the way through ice and are found to stay free of ice resulting to only a few minutes or even for more than a few months. This condition of remaining free of ice is highly dependent on the water currents and states of the weather. The Polar Bears usually favor such areas which enable them to hunt for seals in these spots of leads and makes use of the sea ice to be their podium (Sea World, “Distribution and Habitat”). In the similar context, polynyas are water areas which are bounded by ice all around the year because of tidal currents, winds, and upwelling. These areas are considered to be significant as they serve as major food supplying and breeding regions for wintering marine mammals such as the Polar Bears. Few of the Polar Bears were learned to chase the lower border of the floating sea ice throughout the year and makes widespread relocations according to the retreats and proceeds made by the ice (Sea World, “Distribution and Habitat”). A population of Polar Bears The population of the Polar Bears has been found to be declining at an alarming pace because of their disappearing habitat owing to global warming. The various reasons accounting for the alterations in the climate has resulted in a speedy loss of ice in the Arctic sea. The ice in the Arctic sea was found to turn down by 7.7 percent every decade along with a turndown in the sea ice in the perennial sea region by 9.8 percent every decade. To add more to this problem, in few of the areas, a contraction of the ice in the Arctic sea was found to be 32 percent from the periods of 1960 and 1970 to 1990. This huge decline in the ice areas has resulted in jeopardizing their habitat of the Polar Bears which is posing to be a severe threat to their population (World Wildlife Fund, “Polar Bear: This icon of the North Is Losing Ground As Global Warming Melts its Sea Ice Habitat”). Moreover, the ice is examined to melt quite before time in a year and is taking more time to develop owing to the alterations in the climate. This change in the usual pattern has resulted in lessening the time period accessible by the Polar Bears for the purpose of hunting on the areas of ice along with stocking up of enough reserves of fat for the other seasons like autumn and summer. The fast melting of the ice and the increase in the time for ice to develop is making the Polar Bears suffer in terms of their health conditions as they are forced to survive without food for quite an extended period. Thus, disappearing of habitat owing to global warming is becoming the most significant reason for affecting the existence of the Polar Bears in future (World Wildlife Fund, “Polar Bear: This icon of the North Is Losing Ground As Global Warming Melts its Sea Ice Habitat”). Extinction or Scare Mongering Scientific information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed that since the previous three decades, over a million square miles of ice in the sea has vanished. In few of the other areas, the remaining sea ice has been found to be melting prior to three weeks than the stipulated time which is forcing the Polar Bears to stay without food for a longer span of time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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