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Environment, Crime, and Disease in Mali - Research Paper Example

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Environment, Crime and Disease in Mali [Name] [Institution] Overview Mali is a country which is located in Africa and is among the developing countries. Most of the developing countries have taken in globalization positively and Mali is no exception. The government of Mali has welcomed foreign companies to invest in the country in hope to eliminate poverty and increase job employment in the region (SalaamBlyther, 2011)…
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Environment, Crime, and Disease in Mali
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Download file to see previous pages Environmental Issues Globalization has various impacts on Mali’s environment, which are both positive and negative. The positive impact on the environment has mainly been in the agricultural sector. A good example is the tremendous growth in production of cotton (Kutting, 2004), which came about with the introduction of new seeds, which suited the Mali environment favorably. The increase in production of cotton has helped in the contribution to the economy because of increased exportation. The interaction of Mali with other countries has helped Mali know of better ways to cope with current environmental changes. The negative effects of globalization on the environment have been uniform in many countries especially third world countries with no exception to Mali. Globalization has led to mass industrialization, which has made industrial wastes a nuisance (Logan, 2002). This has led to pollution of water masses, which lead to the destruction of marine life and also diminishing access to fresh water for human and animal use. Crime Similarly, globalization has influence the occurrence of crimes both positively and negatively. Through globalization, Mali law enforcers have accessed ways to fight crime by interacting with other law enforcers in the globe. This has somewhat reduced some forms of crime and has made Mali a more secure place. Also due to globalization there has been collaboration with allies in the Diaspora, who have helped to give ideas on training to ensure the law enforcers get the best training they can get so that the country is kept safe. However on the other side, globalization has also led to access of terrorists to ideas to build weapons of mass destruction and has increased the threat of terror attacks (United Nation, 2010). Mali people are very close allies with the USA in the war against terrorism. The local Mali individuals have also been able to learn more tactics to commit crime thus the rate of crime has gone up. Disease Mali being an African country in the tropics, there are many diseases that are rampant in the region. The region is infected with communicable diseases and globalization has spread the diseases to other parts of the world due to immigration to other countries (Lee, 2003). This has made the country have a crisis every time there is an outbreak of a disease since the poverty levels in this third world country cannot allow combating of these diseases easily. On the other hand, globalization has availed researchers with samples to try and get a cure for these communicable diseases. When foreigners come to Mali, they have to be immunized and thus vaccines have been developed to avoid also a humanitarian crisis, when there is an outbreak. Conclusion Mali has been working closely with USAID to combat the negative effects of globalization. In terms of environmental problems, USAID has funded Mali government in controlling industrial wastes not to spill over to the environment and end up polluting it. USAID through funding the world vision is also helping in providing safe water for drinking to the Mali community. The efforts of the USAID are quite commendable and their effect is being felt, but, I believe the involvement of the locals more to help keep the environment safe will yield better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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