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his paper “ADHD and Crime” supports a belief that ADHD does have the potential to result in crime/ deviance in adolescence and adulthood. Studies which do not support this assumption are discussed. The predictive validity of ADHD measures in the analysis of crime and deviance is assessed…
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ADHD and Crime
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Download file to see previous pages How neurological factors affect crime and deviance has long been a matter of professional concern. Factors and motives behind criminal behaviors are among the most popular objects of criminology research. Researchers and practicing criminologists seek a single, universal explanation of crime and deviance. Among other factors responsible for deviance and crime, the role of neurology, cognition, and emotions is difficult to overestimate. According to Brower and Price (2001), neurological dysfunction does play a role in how humans choose to behave: more specifically, abnormal frontal lobe function is significantly correlated with violence and crime. This is mainly because individuals with such abnormalities demonstrate poor self-control and are excessively aggressive (Brower & Price, 2001). “Subjects with both traumatic and neurodegenerative disorders primarily involving the prefrontal cortex display increased rates of aggressive and antisocial behavior compared with subjects who have no, or non-frontal brain injury” (Brower & Price, 2001, p.724). Aggressive individuals and antisocial subjects are frequently associated with prefrontal network dysfunction; the latter is one of the most frequent and relevant factors of recurrent aggression, which can cause violent behaviors (Brower & Price, 2001). Before Brower and Price (2001), Cohen et al (1999) also investigated the link between neuropsychological factors and domestic violence. Despite the paucity of research, neurological and neuropsychological factors can provide a potentially valuable explanation to most criminal and deviant behaviors in adults. Statistically, neuropsychological disorders predict violence and aggressiveness in every fifth incarcerated batterer (Cohen et al, 1999). Men incarcerated for violence, and especially domestic violence, demonstrate unprecedented rates and seriousness of neurological brain symptoms (Cohen et al, 1999). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ADHD and Crime Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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