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Critically analyse the social and spatial processes whereby a selected group becomes marginalised or excluded from society - Essay Example

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Critically analyze the social and spatial processes whereby a selected group becomes marginalized or excluded from society. Introduction In books, it is generally accepted and known that discrimination any kind is unacceptable and illegal. This is because there are universal, global and national laws and conventions that guard against discrimination of any kind…
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Critically analyse the social and spatial processes whereby a selected group becomes marginalised or excluded from society
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Download file to see previous pages If the laws written in the books are to be followed, then there should not be marginalisation against the poor. Unfortunately though, the laws only seem to remain paper work as actual marginalisation against the poor takes place in everyday life. In this essay, there shall be the critical analysis of the various ways in which poor people are commonly discriminated against in society, leading a sense of marginalisation against them. Most importantly, ways of bridging the gap of marginalisation shall be reviewed. The review is expected to serve the purpose of not just laying the facts bear but going a step further to ensure that the paper becomes of significant essence to the marginalised poor such that the poor shall be in a position to live a normal life – the kind that is written in books. Marginalisation and Social Exclusion as a Process Marginalisation is a complex “process whereby certain groups suffering deprivation are pushed to the edge of society where they have little say in decision making and are denied the means to improve their position” (Combat Poverty Agency, 2002). Marginalisation and social exclusion is not an event but a process. ...
al terms in social relationships in economic, social, cultural or political arenas.” As a process therefore, social exclusion and marginalisation involves a whole lot of components that entails social, economic, political or cultural acts of discrimination. Factors constituting Marginalisation against the Poor Spatial Inequalities Terms such as ‘rural’ and ‘urban’ are not leaving our group of vocabulary any time soon. It is common knowledge that the poor is associated with the rural settlement whereas the urban is for the rich and well to do. Instead of distrusting developmental resources and agenda equally to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, governments continue give so many premiums to the welfare of the rich, providing them with social amnesties and facilities that are needed to make life easier and good. As if the poor is destined to live a difficult and bad life, rate of development between the rural and urban centres creates such a wild gap that marginalisation is braided. In this regard, the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (2011), notes that “spatial inequalities include disparities between rural and urban areas, and also between geographically advantaged and disadvantaged areas.” This means that any act that tries to segregate the poor from the rich through geographic divisions, giving advantage to one of the groups over the other constitutes spatial inequality of spatial marginalisation. As agents for change, political leaders are expected to put in place structures that bridge the gap between the rich and poor rather than widening the gap. Through gradual activities and developmental programs that tend to raise the quality of living in urban centres however, a halo of marginalisation tends to be created against the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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