Environmental politics: Does the complexity of environmental problems- in terms of scope, interactions, biological processes - Essay Example

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Environmental Politics According to Benz, Dilts, Fisher, Leinberger & Miner-Voigt (2010), the major environmental issues such as the exhaustion of resources, air and water pollution, climate changes, and biodiversity loss are relatively interconnected. And, all individuals on earth are partially responsible for the environmental damages caused by our irrational behaviours (ibid)…
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Environmental politics: Does the complexity of environmental problems- in terms of scope, interactions, biological processes
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Download file to see previous pages It encompasses matters of about how people are dealing with the planet and its life. It invades into other areas of political concern relating to society and human life. The main areas where political environment handles are poverty, social justice, international economy, foreign relations, and human rights, because whatever happens to these elements will effect the environment, and vice versa. Over the last 40year, environmental politics have constituted a great, vigorous, rapidly increasing, and diverse area for discovery and exploration. Many writers have already mentioned how the developing global world is encountering with the environmental crises varying from the exhausting resources to endangered human health due to catastrophic climate changes. The severity of the environmental problems shows the inevitability of the political responses to environmental crises. As Lenard and Finlayson (n.d.), point out, the anthropogenic impact on the environment has been in its full swing in the recent years, while the task of science has become increasingly significant in the public policy making. The complexity and uncertainty of the impacts has stimulated the need for a scientific expert research in the field of environmental politics. ...
Only a technocratic rational response can meet the terms of these issues. And therefore, the only suitable measure is the “advance analysis in environmental affairs by promoting critical comparative scrutiny of competing discourses of environmental concerns” (Dryzek, 2005, p. 20). The beginning of the environmental politics can be traced back to 1960s when environment was used as an entity for all issues relating to nature and humanity. Since then, the environmental literature has been efficiently coping up with the development of environmental concerns and has now extended to the globalisation process. Bartlett suggests that adequacy must be maintained to attempt to force bureaucracies to use science-like analysis as a basis for policies and decision in dealing with the environmental politics (cited in Dryzek and Schlosberg, 2005, pp. 93-103). To understand the rationale of the political element on environment, it must be evaluated on its success or failure by referencing to ecological rationality. The environmental politics today is incorporated with many serious debates relating to social, political and economic issues which cause severe ecological catastrophes and harms. These vital issues include toxic wastages, hazards of nuclear power, air and water pollution, energy shortage, over dosage of pesticides, and climate changes. It talks about the relationship that we must facilitate towards the natural system which sustains us. What is important and necessary is a political response to the environmental crises. The environmental movements must seek an alternative design and more sustainable political organization. It is at this point ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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