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A Case Examination of Policy for Natural Resource Management - Essay Example

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As a policy consultant for the town of Westerlo, in Albany County there are a number of recommendations that have been developed. The overarching concerns are in the area of growth management and the protection of natural and environmental resources…
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A Case Examination of Policy for Natural Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of public sentiment it’s understood that there is substantial public divide in regards to zoning considerations. The older residents of the town generally reject increased zoning and public policy measures, while the newer residents have sought a more structured policy. Adding to the dilemma are two major land use considerations; namely, the land areas in question contribute in substantial ways to the Albany metropolitan region’s water supply, and an impact on the surrounding natural habitat. In addition to these natural concerns, there are concerns related to changes in the social environment and increased need for infrastructure to meet the demands of development. One of the notable features of the public community is that while older and newer residents disagree on the extent of public control the land should be under, they both are in agreement in regards to the sorts of preservation that should occur. In these regards, the question becomes more one of governmental control than it does of disagreements over the types of measures that should be enacted. Even as the older residents oppose government policy measures, it’s clear that they must be enacted; as such, the following policies represent a compromise between desires for land control and the need for regulatory measures.
Zoning In terms of zoning there are a number of concerns that must be addressed when deciding on a course of action. The most overarching concern is the balance that must be achieved between land-use and water supply. This policy reports recommends that a comprehensive investigation be made into the proportion of land use and water supply that is necessary for the adjoining reservoir. In developing a suitable compromise between old and new residents a zoning policy were be enacted with different regulations for current and future residents. Upon determining these figures, zoning will be determined along a proportion system. In these regards, there will be established a policy that balances resident seniority and land size, with zoning policy. Transfer and Purchase of Development Rights; Land Trusts; Differential Property Taxation While current landowners will experience a proportionate allotment of land-use within the specified figures, the transfer and purchase of development rights to future owners will be given increased restrictions. In these regards, individuals seeking to purchase development rights for recreational procedures will only be able to do so within the boundaries of the proportionate measures. Current land owners seeking to transfer development rights to outside parties will need to do so within the proportionate standards that are established by the water supply statistics. This will ensure that the base land needs for the adjoining reservoir will never be circumvented through increased land use. Another major concern of current residents was maintaining the current social climate, as well as the increased infrastructure needs brought on by the new residents. As a means of addressing these concerns it’s recommended that the regional authority institute differential property taxation. In these regards, outside of the proportional restrictions put in place for the adjoining reservoir, there will be no zoning that restricts the development of a specific type of use. However, the regional authority will institute a quarterly tax rate that is designed to regulate the transfer, purchase, and development of property. It is understood that increased taxation on recreational land use will slow down development in this zone. This will ensure that a steady social climate is maintained and that the region has the funding to support increased infrast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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