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Your First name Your Last name Instructors’ name Subject for which the paper is being written Date History of Virginia Holocaust Museum Each year, thousands of people make their way to Virginia Holocaust Museum to learn about the intimidating history of the Ipson family and the Jews of Kovno…
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English Class
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, my visit to the museum was an enriching experience which had me asking for more. The museum leaves no stones unturned to make you feel that you were there when it all happened. With the help of personal audio equipment, there is a touch of reality to the whole experience. There is a lot more to see at the museum. There are various events, programs, tours, lectures, films that talk about the stories of many Holocaust survivors. The exhibition is a single true story, the story of Jay Ipson and his family and how they survived the Kovno Ghetto in Lithuania and settled in Richmond after World War II . “The museum was built with children in mind”, says Ipson. “They can relate so much better to the single story……….six million is just incomprehensible to them.” The outside of the building has an intimidating appearance with brown brick with bright green boarded up windows. All in all, the visit to this museum is a very moving educational experience! The museum puts in a lot of effort to educate the people and promote tolerance towards each and everyone, irrespective of their nationality, religion, race, sex or creed. We cannot turn a blind eye to the humble motive behind the origination of this museum. Therefore, there is a need to preserve this museum for the values it stands for. Established in 1997, Virginia holocaust museum is situated on 2000 East Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia and it is founded by Mark Fetter, Al Rosenbaum, and one of Richmond’s youngest Holocaust survivors, Jay Ipson. In an effort to preserve and educate the people on the atrocities of the Holocaust of World War II, the museum strives on a two-fold mission: to educate young people about the Holocaust and at the same time combat intolerance and anti-Semitism. Keeping this mission in mind, “Teaching Tolerance Through Education” was initiated. Initially, the museum occupied the unused rooms of the Temple Beth El in Richmond, Virginia. The museum, then quickly flourished and by 2000, it had its own space. An old tobacco warehouse in historic Shockoe Bottom donated by the Virginia State Legislature became the new house of the Virginia Holocaust Museum. The dedication of this new site was done during Yom Ha'Shoah v'Ha'Gvruah in April, 2003, the day which is known as the Day of Remembrance and Heroism. During the pre-war Kovno, there were about 40,000 Jews, out of which only 3,000 survived. Thousands of children lost their lives in the Kovno Ghetto. Deportation and malnutrition contributed to the deaths of so many lives. Ipson’s sister was one of the children to face death during the war. In 1943, Ipson’s family managed to escape from their ghetto with the help of a local farmer. The poor Catholic Polish farmer had nothing to gain from them nor they had anything to offer to him, nevertheless, he helped them because he knew what the Germans were doing was wrong. This is a perfect example of expression of humanity, regardless of race, religion, caste or creed. One of the interesting exhibitions at the museum is the recreation of the chapter of their lives wherein they escape through the barbed wire of their ghetto. The museum, today boasts of 28 exhibits. “The Ipson Saga,” is an interesting tale of the Museum Director and founder, Jay M Ipson, which documents his and his family’s story from pre-war Lithuania, their escape and eventually their liberation. Right in front of the building sits a German cattle car ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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